Tyga Will Be ‘Detained’ Once He Returns From Vacation With Kylie Jenner

According to reports, Tyga could be arrested and detained once he returns to the U.S. following his vacation with girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

People is reporting that the rapper is currently thought to be on a luxury vacation with Kylie and Kendall Jenner in Turks and Caicos, but could potentially face being arrested and potential prison time as soon as he returns to home soil.

E! News reported this week that Tyga currently has a warrant out for his arrest after his landlord, Gholamreza Rezai, claimed that the rapper owes him $480,285.00 in damages from a property he previously rented from him.

However, Tyga failed to turn up for his court date to discuss the claims on August 9, which lead to a warrant being issued for his arrest.

Tyga Will Be 'Detained' When Returning From Vacation With Kylie Jenner
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Boris Treyzon, the lawyer who’s currently representing the rapper’s landlord, confirmed that Tyga missed his court date in an interview with People and explained why Tyga could now be arrested as soon as he returns to the country.

“We requested the court to issue a bench warrant. The court agreed with us that his actions have been not what society demands of him, so they issued a bench warrant,” Treyzon told the site of Tyga’s arrest warrant.

The attorney also confirmed to the site that if Tyga finds himself in the company of any law enforcement officers when he returns to the U.S. following his vacation with Jenner, he could potentially be arrested on the spot.

“If Tyga comes in contact with law enforcement, they will likely detain him and keep him detained until he posts bond,” Treyzon confirmed.

Tyga Will Be 'Detained' When Returning From Vacation With Kylie Jenner
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It’s thought that Tyga headed to Turks and Caicos with Kylie to celebrate her 19th birthday, for which E! News reported earlier this week he gifted her a Mercedes-Maybach car thought to be worth around $190,000.

People revealed that Tyga’s seriously extravagant gift, which Kylie proudly showed off on Snapchat, angered the plaintiff further seeing as Tyga already owes him such a large sum of money.

“Of course, we have an irate client who is owed half a million dollars and then the client reads that Tyga is giving a Maybach as a gift – that’s in violation of two things,” Treyzon confirmed to the site, hinting that the car could potentially be repossessed if Tyga doesn’t pay up.

“There is a hold on him transferring any assets while there is a judgment outstanding – that’s going to be a separate action to recover that car unless the judgment is satisfied,” said the lawyer.

Treyzon then spoke out to the site about when Tyga will be back in court, suggesting that Tyga could potentially be arrested and detained until his court date is rescheduled after skipping out on the original date.

“[Tyga] will be detained or dates certainly will be set,” Treyzon revealed to People. “He will enter into an agreement that he or representation will appear at such a date.”

But despite all the legal drama hanging over her boyfriend’s head, including the possibility of being arrested upon his return to the U.S., if Kylie Jenner’s Instagram is anything to go by, she doesn’t appear to be letting Tyga’s legal issues affect her birthday getaway.

blessed ✨

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Jenner has been sharing a slew of snaps from her vacation on the social media site as Tyga’s arrest warrant made headlines, including one on a yacht with a friend which she captioned, “Blessed.”

Tyga has been noticeably absent from Kylie’s various Instagram posts, though Jenner didn’t allude to any legal drama in another shot of herself posing in an orange bikini, even telling her followers that her 19th was her “best birthday yet.”

What do you think of reports claiming that Tyga could be arrested once he returns to the U.S. from his vacation with Kylie Jenner?

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