What’s the Deal with the O’Neals (and Drugs)?

Ryan O’Neal and his son probably feel stupid right now. A routine probation check on their home this morning yielded what will most likely be revealed as meth (post lab examinations, of course). The check itself was thanks to son Redmond’s previous three-year probation issued in June. E! reports:

“Both were subsequently taken to the Lost Hills Station in Malibu and each was booked around 9 a.m. on a felony possession charge. Whitmore tells E! News that neither man appeared to be under the influence at the time of their arrest.”

Ryan and son Redmond’s pockets are $10,000 lighter (each), and they were released from custody this afternoon. Now we’ll have to see if Red gets jail time if found to be in violation of his probation! Ooooh, the suspense.

Let’s not forget that Ryan’s daughter Tatum had her own drug struggles this year as well. Talk about a tarnished family rep!