‘Celebrity Big Brother' News: Renee Graziano Accused of Calling Houseguest ‘Prostitute,’ Frankie Grande And Aubrey O’Day Ask To Leave House After Antics Involving Nudity, Disrespect

Things have gotten out of hand in the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother 18 house, so much so, that several houseguests, including Frankie Grande and Aubrey O'Day, told Big Brother they want to leave if something doesn't change.

U.K. reality star Stephen Bear has continued his aggressive, uncomfortable antics, especially after being voted by other cast members to receive the curse of eternal nomination, meaning he will risk eviction every week of the Celebrity Big Brother 18 game.

On Wednesday night's episode, some of the women in the house, including Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, were chatting about showmances and how one, including Bear and Chloe Khan, gave them an eyeful.
The day before this conversation, on full display for all house members to see, Chloe straddled Bear in the bathroom facing a large window, which was visible to a number of houseguests who lounged in the backyard of the Celebrity Big Brother house.
Chloe, known in Britain for her appearance on the X Factor, being a webcam entrepreneur, and having size 32HH breast implants, was rubbing Bear's chest as if to give him a massage, while furiously bouncing up and down on him with only a bra to cover her ample assets.
Frankie, and several other housemates, commented they were uneasy about what was taking place, noting they felt like they were being subjected to soft core porn.
The next day, as the women and Renee spoke in the bedroom about the house goings on, Chloe lay in bed near them. The women thought she was asleep, likely worn out from the vigorous massage she had given Bear the day prior.Renee commented that she didn't realize that was how massages are given in the U.K. She then noted, "All I know is that I'm going home to tell my mother that there was a street where all the prostitutes hung out, and then one day it went on fire… that's what I'm taking home. Do you understand that?"

Chloe took Renee's somewhat strange comment negatively, believing Renee had called her a prostitute, according to Digital Spy.

Later in the day, Chloe approached Frankie, the older brother of mega pop star Ariana Grande, and told him what she thought she had heard. Chloe told Frankie, "To sit here and listen to the word prostitute about yourself is not [expletive] fair." Frankie asked if she heard someone say that about her and she responded in the affirmative.
Renee entered the room, at which time a crying Chloe confronted her with, "…I'm upset because I thought we were so tight, I never expected stuff like that," regarding the "prostitute" comment. Renee asked, "You heard me say that?" to which Chloe responded, "Yes." Renee queried, "You heard me say you are?" and again, Chloe responded with, "Yes."
Renee seemed confused and argued, "…I would never use that word. The word I would use would be hooker…," noting "prostitute" is not a word in her vocabulary. She added, "So if you didn't clearly here me say, your name and you are, then you're wrong."

Chloe continued to insist Renee "basically" called her a prostitute, but Renee just as adamantly denied using the word. Renee finally got fed up and attacked Bear, Chloe's showmance partner, calling him a "low life degenerate."

Later that evening, the three houseguests who had escaped the most recent eviction were tasked with making killer nominations face-to-face. Heavy D nominated Marnie Simpson, Lewis Bloor nominated James Whale, and Bear, presumably seeking revenge for Chloe, nominated Renee.
Following these nominations, Lewis (Bear's bromance partner) and Marnie, Lewis' showmance partner, entered one shower stall, while Bear and Chloe entered the other. According to Wednesday's episode, although Lewis and Chloe left their Celebrity Big Brother 18 stall quite quickly, Bear and Chloe stayed in the shower for some time.
As Marnie cleaned herself up near the bathroom sinks, embarrassment beamed from her face, as cringe-worthy noises could be heard emanating from Chloe and Bear from behind the shower door.
Finally, after the couple exited the stall, Chloe's top was completely down, but that didn't stop she and Bear from joining Lewis and Marnie in the backyard of the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house. A stripper pole sits just in front of one of the lounge areas, so, appearing to be slightly drunk, Lewis and Marnie encouraged Chloe to give them a show.

Completely bare breasted, Chloe complied and danced provocatively for Bear, Marnie, and Lewis, as the other houseguests looked on in shock from inside the house.

Meanwhile, as the outside group seemed to get more and more inebriated, antics ensued that involved Bear and Marnie destroying a few trees in the backyard. After a while, the group eventually made their way inside the house to the Celebrity Big Brother 18 bedroom and disturbed sleeping cast members. The four also started throwing cake everywhere, which made many houseguests feel disrespected and disturbed.

As a result, Frankie, American singer Aubrey O'Day and several other cast mates entered the Diary Room and told Big Brother they could not go on like this and want to leave if the group consisting of Bear, Chloe, Lewis, and Marnie continue behaving badly, the Evening Standard reports. The group also stated they will refuse to participate in any more house tasks.

What became of this possibly Celebrity Big Brother strike is yet unknown, as the episode ended with this intriguing cliffhanger. Typically, however, in the U.K. version of the series, Big Brother is often heard heartily attempting to dissuade any houseguest who wants to leave from doing so. Thus, it is likely the group of unhappy cast members had a long, productive chat with Big Brother, which likely resulted in each of these cast members remaining in the Celebrity Big Brother 18 house, at least for now.

[Image via Channel 5]