November 12, 2017
William H. Macy Speaks Out About 'Shameless' Son Ethan Cutkosky's DUI Arrest

Just days after the Season 8 premiere of Shameless, 18-year-old actor Ethan Cutkosky – known for his role as Carl Gallagher – was arrested for an alleged DUI.

While some fans of the series predicted it was only a matter of time as Ethan Cutkosky's character Carl was a rather troubled member of the family, William H. Macy – who plays Carl's father Frank Gallagher – claims you cannot put too much blame on his Shameless son as "Hollywood is tough on child actors."

William H. Macy told TMZ that Ethan Cutkosky is a good kid. Macy also noted he had a great deal of empathy for all child actors as it is not an easy job to handle.

Macy was in a hurry to get to LAX when TMZ caught up with him, so they did not get to speak with him long. But, he did reveal plans to call Ethan and give him some fatherly advice on how to move forward after the alleged DUI arrest. For those who follow Shameless on Showtime, you know this is the exact opposite of what Macy's character Frank would have actually done for Ethan's character Carl if he had been in the same situation in the show.

It was on Wednesday that Burbank police pulled over Ethan's car after they noticed him swerving across traffic lines. Multiple sources claim the Shameless star admitted to smoking marijuana that night.

Shameless Season 8 Cast
Shameless Season 8 Cast [Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Showtime/AP Images]

According to records obtained by PEOPLE, Cutkosky was released the following morning on a $5,000 bail. While he was charged with a misdemeanor, no other information regarding his charges was public record.

Those who follow the Shameless actors know William H. Macy has always been very supportive of his Gallagher family both on and off the screen. There was a small period of time where fans were not sure if there would be a Season 8. And, if there was a Season 8, fans were not sure if Emmy Rossum (who plays Fiona Gallagher) was going to continue to be a part of the cast.

William Macy and Emmy Rossum at Vulture
William Macy and Emmy Rossum at Vulture [Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]

Emmy Rossum was one of the many females in Hollywood fighting for equal pay after it was revealed that Macy made significantly more money off of his Shameless role than she did. Given the fact that Emmy and William characters get roughly the same amount of screen time, most agreed the argument was valid. Macy – again taking on the role of a supportive father – did agree that Emmy should fight for the pay she deserves.

Will you be watching Shameless Season 8, Episode 2 tonight? What do you think about Ethan getting arrested or what William had to say about it? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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