Georgia Jeweler Promotion: Buy A Diamond, Get A Free Hunting Rifle

In order to generate some traffic into his jewelry business, an Atlanta, Georgia business owner has cooked up a very interesting promotion. According to WSB TV, D. Geller and Son is now offering a free hunting rifle to anyone who buys a diamond at their establishment. When economic times are tough, people will try just about anything to make sure their business doesn’t crash and burn.

Thinking about buying a diamond just to get the free hunting rifle? You may want to strongly reconsider that decision. Unless you spend around $2,500 on a diamond from D. Geller and Son, you won’t receive the aforementioned firearm. Despite the hefty price tag, owner Mike Geller explained that the promotion is already a huge success.

“It’s unbelieveable! There’s websites that got a million hits about it,” he said. “A lot of our customers are hunters, and it just seemed like a great thing to do.”

According to the Associated Press, gun control advocates shouldn’t be too alarmed by the jeweler’s free hunting rifle promotion. Geller has assured everyone that his employees aren’t handing out these prizes inside the store. Instead, the proud owner of an expensive diamond can pick up his or her weapon at a local gun shop, where they are expected to follow proper gun law regulations.

The New York Daily News reports that an individual is not require to have a state permit to buy or own a handgun, shotgun, or a free hunting rifle in the state of Georgia. In this particular case, all a person needs to do is drop a considerable amount of money on a diamond from D. Geller and Son.

If nothing else, the “buy a diamond, get a free hunting rifle” promotion should make it easier for those staring down a shotgun wedding to fight back. What do you think about the Georgia jeweler’s promotion?