Muscle-Building Advice Gets 505,000 Views In 22 Hours On Imgur

There is a post on Imgur that is going seriously viral, titled “Confused about building muscle? You’ve come to the right place.” Posted by the Imgur user named the before-and-after photo linked below is likely what has really helped sell the fact that the person appears to know what he or she is talking about. It is not clear if the man in the photo is the one who wrote the viral post, or if the trainer that wrote the post used the photo of a client or someone else.

The left side of the photo shows a thin man, and the right side of the photo shows the same man who has apparently added lots of muscle to his thin and lithe frame without adding noticeable fat in the process. It’s the ultimate goal of many bodybuilders, who use terms like culking (cutting fat while bulking up with muscle) to describe the process of trying to add lean muscle to their bodies.


After warning readers that a wall of text would follow the photo, the Imgur writer proceeds to unleash advice on building muscle, calling muscle-building a controversial and confusing topic.

The plethora of sometimes conflicting advice and an endless supply of supplements are blamed for making folks wonder how they can really build muscles without gaining too much fat. The viral explanation went on to say that methods of growing muscles falls into two different camps.

The types written about were called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (growing muscles by upping glycogen storage) and myofibril hypertrophy (increasing proteins in muscle fibers).


The writer went on to write about repetitions that range from up to six reps to those that range from eight to 12 reps without mentioning the type of 100-rep feeder workouts recently noted in a study that could also be effective for muscle building, as reported by the Inquisitr.

What is noteworthy about the Imgur post is that the writer turns the advice of splitting up workouts like chest day or leg day and back and biceps day into a lower body day and an upper body day instead, each interrupted by a rest day. Then repeat this process to increase protein synthesis, advises the writer.

muscles [Image via Shutterstock]The nitty-gritty of the post comes to the diet, which the writer says can be helpful if a person eats more calories than they require in order to get enough protein. Instead of calling pre-workout supplements the best source of energy for workouts, the writer turns to carbs for that function; presumably good carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, and veggies and not chips, French fries, and white bread.

“So we know how to train but how do we eat? To build muscle the most efficient way we need to eat [is] a surplus of calories (more than we need) and to have a sufficient intake of proteins (amino acids). It is commonly accepted that 1.5 – 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is a good range for optimal protein synthesis to be induced within muscle. Fats are important in order to regulate cholesterol and hormone production with carbs being the preferred energy source for workouts.”

Advising the consumption of a 10 to 20 percent increase of calories per day above what a person is required to eat, the writer also maintains that great sleep is crucial in helping to build muscle. In the end, the writer of the viral post admits that hormones like testosterone, insulin, and growth hormones are the main determinants in how much muscle a person builds.

woman [Image via Shutterstock]It is also noted that men tend to build muscles easier than women because of their increased testosterone levels. Building muscle for women can be a slower process, as is the entire muscle-building process overall. The writer estimates men could gain one or two pounds of muscle monthly until hitting their limits of muscle-building, while women might gain half that amount of muscle.

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