Apple iPhone 7, Watch To Have An In-Built Projector

Caroline Diana

The time has now come for Apple to show its true superiority in innovation.

Remember the scene in Captain America: Civil War, in which Tony Stark tries to convince his fellow Avengers to pick sides? The superhero uses the hologram technology in his mobile phone to make his point.


Apple's new 3D display would project a hologram image via lasers, enabling users to interact with this projected image.

Rather than change in specs, colors, or the size of the mobile device, Apple will hopefully offer more this time.

According to recent reports, the smartphone maker will release iPhone 7 next month. The state-of-the-art smartphone will be unveiled on September 7, stated a report by Bloomberg.

A recent patent filed by Apple shows a 3D camera on a mobile device (which includes both the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch).

In its "detailed description" in the patent, Apple stated the following.

"This disclosure pertains to techniques for tracking the movement of an electronic device having a display, as well as lighting conditions in the environment of a user of such an electronic device and the movement of the user of such an electronic device--and especially the position of the user of the device's eyes and/or head."

Cody told Benzinga that Apple is developing bigger and better features that could be rolled out within the next two to five years.

"Apple's not going to put it on here until it's ready. Could be two years. Could be five years," he said.

However, five years is a long way to go. If Apple were to stay ahead of the pack, it would do very well to unveil their futuristic technologies next month in its iPhone 7 and the Watch.

"People are going to want to be able to interact with the actual projector, not just tap an actual touchscreen. Along with this, of course, voice recognition and voice command will become easier to use. The evolution of that is progressing as usual," he said.

Apple is on the verge of setting up its R&D center in France. The new research lab will focus on imaging sensors and techniques, stated a report by the French newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré. The news report claimed that Apple engineers have been secretly working out of Minatec, a European research center focused on micro-nano technologies in Grenoble for over a year now.

[Photo by Fotolia/AP Images]