‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Episode 4 Brings Intense Confrontations, More Eliminations, And Fireworks For A New Couple

There has been plenty of drama playing out already on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers for Episode 4 airing on Monday, August 15, detail that the guys will be scrambling to ensure that they get to stick around when it is time for the next rose ceremony and new ladies begin to arrive. What is known so far about this next show?

As everybody saw on Tuesday’s show, Evan Bass was left feeling dejected by Carly Waddell, and he decided to make a big play for Amanda Stanton, despite her new lust for Josh Murray. Evan headed over to apparently try to woo Amanda, mid-kiss with Josh, and viewers will see where this heads during Episode 4. Given the previous Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about where things head this summer in Mexico, however, it seems quite clear that Evan doesn’t get very far in this pursuit of Amanda.


Ultimately, based on the spoilers from the BIP previews, it looks like Evan may be trying to warn Amanda off from Josh more than anything else, and Murray does not take kindly to this interference. Viewers have already seen some of Josh’s rougher side this season, and it looks like more of that is on the way as these two men butt heads.

According to TV Guide, there will be a cocktail party that has many of the guys scrambling. While there are a few relationships starting to solidify within this group in Mexico, there are several men who remain unattached and they will be angling to score roses from the ladies before the eliminations. Two suitors will be heading home at the end of the rose ceremony, and Reality Steve’s spoilers dish out the details about which men stay and which ones go.


Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Daniel Maguire’s play to win back Sarah Herron works, as he gets her rose, and Amanda’s goes to Josh. Lace Morris keeps Grant Kemp and Izzy Goodkind gives Vinny Ventiera her rose. Teasers note that somehow Carly’s rose goes to Evan, despite the rough moments the two experienced. As for the Ferguson twins, they keep Jared Haibon and Nick Viall, which means that Brandon Andreen and Christian Bishop head back home.

Three more women will be joining the crowd in Mexico at this point, although it looks like the arrivals will be split between Episodes 4 and 5, airing on Monday and Tuesday nights. Caila Quinn from Ben Higgins’ Bachelor season will arrive, and she gets the guys buzzing. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Caila quickly makes a connection with Jared Haibon, and the two have what seems to be a pretty great date.

Jen Saviano, another bachelorette from Ben’s Bachelor season, will show up, but it is not clear yet whether her arrival comes on Monday or Tuesday. Nick has been anxious to meet her, and the two will soon be headed out on a date. In addition, Ashley Iaconetti will be arriving, and that will seemingly play out during Tuesday’s show. Ashley apparently becomes rather upset to see that Jared and Caila have hit it off, and there will be some tears.

However, Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Ashley and Jared will end up having a conversation about their status while out on a date together, and they walk away from it understanding that they are simply friends. She will soon start to experience fireworks with a different guy who arrives not too far down the road, and Jared’s connection with Caila continues for now.


The rose ceremony after these ladies’ arrivals will not take place during Monday’s show, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that a couple of ladies will face elimination. Sarah ends up departing, and while Ashley is initially left without a rose, Reality Steve’s teasers reveal that she comes back, asks for another chance, and gets it.

Which romances flourish in Mexico and which ones implode? There are multiple engagements on the way this summer and each of the supposedly engaged pairs seem to still be together. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that things will be getting wild in the shows ahead, and Episode 4 set to air on Monday, August 15, will set some interesting things in motion. Which pairs are you liking so far in Season 3?

[Image via Caila Quinn/Instagram]