Ian Somerhalder At War With ‘Vampire Diaries’ Producer Over Nina Dobrev Return

ian somerhalder hate nina dobrev

Ian Somerhalder seems to have made it perfectly clear that he does not want his ex-girlfriend and former on-screen partner, Nina Dobrev, return to The Vampire Diaries for its final series, it has been alleged.

Ian has made endless headlines following reports that Nina was being considered to make her much-anticipated comeback to the vampire show, despite having only been absent for one series.

In the past couple of weeks, reports claimed that executive producer, Julie Plec, had tried to set up a meeting between herself and Nina Dobrev in the hopes that the twosome can come to an agreement that would see the actress reprise her role as Elena, stressing that it would give the storyline a better ending.

While Nina has yet to sign on the dotted line, Celeb Dirty Laundry is claiming that Ian does not want Dobrev to return, and this was evidently clear when Somerhalder showed up at Comic-Con with the rest of his co-stars last month.

Plec, who was also in attendance, answered questions from die-hard fans and, without surprise, the main question everybody wanted to know was whether or not Nina Dobrev would come back for the final series.

“Before anyone else could answer, Ian snapped at the person who asked the question and pointedly stated that no way, no how, would familiar faces return for ‘TVD’ season 8,” the outlet claims to have heard Ian Somerhalder saying during the conference.

But that wasn’t all, GameNGuide adds. As Julie tried to give a direct answer regarding the situation concerning Nina Dobrev, onlookers were under the impression that the executive producer and Somerhalder are not on the same page, and it all seems to be over the return of Ian Somerhalder’s ex-girlfriend.

Julie Plec mentioned how Nina supposedly made her a promise before leaving the show that she would reunite with her cast when the network had confirmed they were concluding The Vampire Diaries once and for all. CDL adds that Ian then made a snarky comment, saying, “I thought we had a conversation about that, apparently not.”

Somerhalder seems to have insinuated that the promise of Nina Dobrev’s return to the show is something he did not want to have discussed on the panel, especially when the actress hasn’t given off any signs that she’s even remotely interested in reprising her famous role as Elena.

It was just last week when reports claimed that Nina Dobrev’s return to the show could potentially destroy Ian Somerhalder’s marriage with Nikki Reed. The couple was alleged to have been fighting a lot as of late, so the news of Nina coming back would only worsen things, particularly since Dobrev allegedly left because of the awkward atmosphere regarding the trio.

Since her departure, the 27-year-old has already worked on three movies, which are all expected to hit cinemas in the next couple of months. Her Hollywood career is slowly but surely picking up, giving fans all the more reasons to believe her return to The Vampire Diaries is very unlikely.

But what do you make of Ian Somerhalder’s reported anger at Dobrev potentially making a comeback? Does he have the right to be so bitter and angry at his ex-girlfriend in wanting to return to the show that made them all famous to begin with?

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