Josh Murray’s Mom Speaks Out, Slams ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Editing

Josh Murray poses

When it comes to reality television, everyone knows that a bit of editing is involved here and there. Bachelor in Paradise is the exact same way. Now, Josh Murray’s mom is speaking out, and she is not happy with the way the editing has been done on this show, and she isn’t staying quiet. Reality Steve made a post on his site today and shared what Josh Murray’s mom had to say, and how it cleared up a few things that were confusing on the show.

They made it look like Josh Murray stole Amanda Stanton from Nick Viall. This makes for perfect television and a big rivalry, but it turns out that might not be exactly what happened. Josh Murray must be pretty glad that Reality Steve is getting the truth out because he even retweeted him today.

Josh Murray’s mom went to her Facebook page and said that instead of responding to the hundreds of messages she has received, she would just share the truth for everyone to see. It turns out that Josh didn’t steal Amanda from Nick. At the rose ceremony, Nick actually told Amanda he was there for Jen. He even told her she should date other people and not just him. This left Amanda Stanton wide open to go on a date with Josh Murray when he showed up.

Josh’s mom isn’t holding back either. She also commented on a post on her Facebook page with more details about some of the editing done that makes Josh look bad. Here are the edits that Josh’s mom shared.

1. Before Josh arrived, Nick told Amanda that he was there for Jen & at the rose ceremony that she should feel free to date others.
2. When Amanda’s date was over with Nick, she had a conversation with the twins that is was not good and disappointing. Her comment about being the best first date was after her date with Josh but edited after her date with Nick.
3. Josh asked all the girls if they were involved with anyone before he made his decision so he wouldn’t step on any toes. Only Carly said she was.
4. Josh actually texted me a picture of Amanda before he left for BIP and said he was most looking forward to meeting her. Asking her out had nothing to do with Nick.

It is pretty obvious that things aren’t always the way they seem. Everyone knows that when you watch a reality television show, there is a possibility the editing might alter the reality of the situation. It is pretty crazy that they would make Amanda look like she had a great date with Nick when she was really talking about Josh Murray. Hopefully, Josh’s mom will keep on sharing her thoughts. Josh can’t share these things, but his mom can do whatever she wants to do.

If you are into spoilers, it is obvious that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are doing great and make it through the show. Josh’s mom seems to be defending Amanda, as well as her son with these posts. It looks like Bachelor in Paradise may have found a great love match with these two, but they just aren’t going to let the fans see the reality of exactly what went down with them. Hopefully, viewers get a great love story.

Are you shocked to hear that Josh Murray’s mom is speaking out and sharing about all of these edits? Do you think that ABC should make the show reflect the truth more accurately? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor In Paradise on Monday and Tuesday each week on ABC.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]