‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Overnight Conversations Reveal Paulie’s Game May Be Over

Big Brother 18 has been boring for the last few weeks. The interesting players were picked off early on, with only Da’Vonne making it to the jury house. Paulie has been running the entire game without much disagreement from the other contestants. It appeared that the rest of the BB season would see him picking people off in the order he wanted them gone, all while everyone else was doing his dirty work.

Last night, things changed in the house. Natalie decided to open her mouth to James about what Paulie has said to her, and that is what got the ball rolling to where things sit this morning.

Last night, there were some pretty important conversations in the Big Brother house. Natalie and James have been talking about Paulie’s lies. As others joined the conversation, it appears there may be a flip vote to save Michelle and get Zakiyah out. This would be the smartest move for the majority of the people left in the BB game, but especially for Natalie and James. According to Big Brother Leak, James is finally realizing that America sent him the care package so that he would get something started in the game. If all goes as planned right now, Michelle will live to play in another Head of Household competition.

Paulie has slowly taken over the game without anyone else bothering to notice. Now that Natalie spoke up and they have roped in some of the other Big Brother players, a shake-up is coming. Michelle will have James and Natalie’s votes for sure. Paul and Bridgette also seem to be okay with the plan as well. If they can convince James to veto Paulie’s eviction vote, it should work. This is what viewers have been waiting for this season. Someone needs to make a power move and set the plan in motion to get Paulie out before he ends up winning the game.


The only problem the Big Brother players are going to face is how to get Paulie out. He is a beast in the competitions, so a back-door plan is key. Also, the double eviction is tomorrow, and if they can get him nominated with a mental competition, he may have trouble winning it. James seems like he is ready to make a power play in the game, especially after Natalie revealed Paulie has been hitting on her. These two have spent the entire game together, and James won’t go down without a fight. It’s only been a few hours and already more BB game talk has happened since they entered the house on day one.

In the Big Brother house, you always have to expect the unexpected. Last night’s conversation was shocking, especially since most fans had resigned themselves to believing Paulie would win the game. Evicting him will be a huge shot to his ego, but it is necessary if anyone else wants to win. After the way he treated Zakiyah in the house, the perception of him outside the BB house isn’t what he thinks it is. He did decide to keep her over Michelle, even including her in the speech he planned for Michelle.

Tomorrow night’s live double eviction is going to be something Big Brother fans won’t want to miss. While the plan at this moment is to keep Michelle, it could still change. As long as the players keep their plans quiet, they should be able to pull off this BB game shake-up without a problem. Seeing Paulie blindsided will be one of the best moments from this season, and fans are eagerly anticipating the execution of saving Michelle and sending Zakiyah packing.

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