Jesus Statue Opens Eyes, Gets 2 Million YouTube Views: Is Viral Christ Story A Real Miracle Or Fake CGI? [Video]

There are versions of the same video on YouTube that are going viral because they appear to show a statue of Jesus opening its eyes as the religious sculpture is being filmed. Typing “Jesus statue” into YouTube currently brings up the suggested search term, “Jesus statue opens eyes.” The results of such a search result in viral videos like the following from the Daily Mail, titled “Spooky Footage Shows Statue of Jesus OPENS ITS EYES in church MIRACLE.”

The original video seen below, published on August 3, has gotten more than 1.8 million views on YouTube.

Combined with copies of the video being translated into English and other languages and re-uploaded onto YouTube and other websites, the video of the Jesus statue has gotten more than two million views in about seven days.

According to the Daily Mail, the Jesus statue is located in Mexico. It is in the Chapel of Saltillo in Coahuila de Zaragoza. The video was taken in June, during a church service.

As reported by, the video gained worldwide attention after being posted on another website.

“Some believers say it is a miracle. Others say it is an optical illusion or a video retouched by computer. Whatever the case, the images of the Holy Christ that opens and closes his eyes became viral and are generating controversy around the world.”

Jesus [Image via Shutterstock]

“While it was recorded last June, the footage shot by a believer in the Chapel of Saltillo, capital of the Mexican state of Coahuila de Zaragoza, was released a few days ago by Adimensional, a web portal dedicated to the research of unusual and paranormal cases. And the site manager Ivan Escamilla, who is a connoisseur of these issues, said there is nothing strange or unusual in the video. It is noteworthy that the esclesiásticas authorities of the Diocese of Saltillo were the first to receive the video and showed no interest [in] what they saw. Neither to deny nor to analyze it. Not even to reassure the faithful.”

As of this writing, it doesn’t appear that Snopes has picked up on the Jesus statue story, but they will likely do so soon and slap their standard “real” or “fake” or “mixture” blessing on the video about the statue of Christ.

Copies of the video, such as one titled “Jesus Christ Statue Open His Eyes!!!” have gotten nearly 20,000 views in five days.

It isn’t the first time a statue of Christ purportedly opened its eyes. The video titled “Jesus opening & closing His eyes at Holy Love apparition site!” from five years ago received more than 500,000 views on YouTube, with claims that the end of the video showed Jesus’ eyes appearing to open and close; an alleged action that caused the video creators to seek prayer.

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Not everyone is buying the fact that a statue of Jesus would really open and close its eyes. The “Jesus opens Eyes *Debunked*” video analyzed the event and had nearly 2,000 views.

There are reaction videos to the event that some folks are calling a miracle, while others call it fake. Even those who believe the eyes of the statue really opened are debating whether it’s a good or bad thing. While some call it a miracle, others are writing that it might be a spirit other than something heavenly that opened the eyes of the statue.

Others wonder if the statue of Jesus wasn’t really a statue at all, but perhaps a real person in place of the statue that opened his eyes.Amid the big debate about the Jesus statue that appeared to open its eyes, Christ’s admonition to his disciples comes to mind, as reported by Bible Hub. Jesus said,Watch and pray.”

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