Kourtney Kardashian Furious With Tyga: Urges Kylie Jenner To Dump Boyfriend Amid Scott Disick Drama

In the midst of reports claiming that Kylie Jenner’s family fears their brand being tarnished by Tyga’s arrest warrant, Kourtney Kardashian is said to be furious with the rapper. She is now under the impression that her sister is surrounding herself with the wrong people.

According to Hollywood Life, Kourtney isn’t too happy with Tyga, and this wouldn’t be the first time that she’s raised her concerns about the 26-year-0ld. The mother of three thinks the arrest warrant could’ve easily been avoided had the rapper paid the rent money he is alleged to have owed his former landlord for more than two years.

The total for the rent money now stands at an estimated $400,000, which Tyga has been refusing to pay, according to People. But the landlord lost his patience with the “Rack City” hitmaker after Tyga gushed about purchasing a $250,000 Maybach for Kylie as an early birthday present for the 19-year-old, prompting a judge to issue an arrest warrant.

A source reveals that Kourtney reportedly thinks the whole thing was carelessly handled by Tyga, and since he’s dating Kylie, the whole family is now suffering from the consequences because the father of one is now making them look bad.

“Kourtney and Kris are beyond pissed and frustrated with Tyga,” the insider confirmed. “They both are seriously on his case for him to get his act together. It is to the point that they really want Kylie to break up with him because he is a thorn in the family’s side with the decisions he makes.”

In a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian was livid when she found out that Tyga had been encouraging her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, to head out to a nearby nightclub with him, despite the rapper knowing very well that the socialite has been trying to remain sober for the sake of his family.

In the episode, Kourtney confronted Tyga, stressing that she feels he’s encouraging Scott to party during times he’s supposed to be with his children. This was something which the rapper heavily denied, and he made it known that Disick was his own person.

It’s unclear whether Kourtney’s anger towards Tyga has somewhat to do with their previous encounter, but from what sources have gathered, the 37-year-old isn’t the only one who has been left feeling anything but happy about the current situation.

Kris Jenner is reportedly worried about how this scandal is going to affect the empire she has worked so hard to build, convinced that Tyga’s actions in the past have hurt the family’s brand in the past, including allegations concerning cheating affairs behind Kylie Jenner’s back.

While those reports were never confirmed, Tyga never denied them either. Could this have been a reason why Kylie ended up calling it quits with the rapper back in May?

Regardless of what the Kardashians might think, as previously reported, Kylie Jenner is allegedly footing half of the unpaid rent bills, hoping that the hassle that the landlord has brought upon her relationship with Tyga will go away once and for all. Kourtney is giving the impression that she’s not supporting her sister’s move by any means, and would rather see the relationship end once and for all.

What do you make of Kourtney Kardashian’s anger aimed at Tyga? Does she have a valid reason?

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]