Get All Of Adriana Lima’s Beauty And Diet Secrets Right Here

Adriana Lima is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her stunning beauty can be discouraging to some people. Now, the Victoria’s Secret Angel is sharing some of her beauty and wellness secrets to some major publications. You may want to get a pen and pencil ready so you can snag some of her secrets.

Adriana Lima

The sexy Brazilian supermodel and face of Marc Jacobs’ new perfume is sharing some of the secrets that she intends to pass down to her own daughters, as previously revealed by Marie Claire.

When it comes to Lima’s inspirations, she looks to Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, as well as her mother and grandmother. Lima’s mother has taught her the importance of having red lipstick and black mascara in her beauty arsenal. When it comes to her beauty treatments, she frequently visits the nail salon and treats herself to a homemade avocado hair mask.

“We also used to do beauty treatments together when I was growing up in Brazil. I would go with my mom to the nail salon. And once a week, we would make a homemade hair mask by mashing up an avocado. After washing it out, we’d sit outside to let our hair air-dry in the sun. To this day, she still sends me a Brazilian almond oil that I use as body moisturizer. Nothing makes your skin softer.”

However, some of Lima’s beauty secrets are about more than just painting your nails and having girly days. She added that beauty is skin deep and that you should accept your flaws and what makes you beautiful. That’s easy for someone as gorgeous as Adriana Lima, though!

Adriana Lima

Last month, the beauty opened up to New York Magazine’s The Cut about her daily wellness plan. Lima says that the first thing she does when she wakes up at 7 a.m. is put sunblock on and drinks an avocado smoothie. Apparently, avocados are why Lima looks so good.

“I usually like to have an avocado smoothie; it’s good for your skin and hair. In [the smoothie], I put an avocado, whole milk, honey, and lots of ice. It’s something my mom used to make when I was little. Every Brazilian kid, we grew up having smoothies in the morning. My kids love it for breakfast now, too.”

But, Lima isn’t always full-on avocados. She eats according to her mood. Sometimes, she’ll have an omelet with okra and asparagus, and other days she’ll crave a cup of coffee. If you want more of Lima’s beauty secrets, she swears by Herve Herau’s facials in Paris. If you can’t afford a trip to Paris, you can use some of his skincare products in the comfort of your own home – just like Lima does.

“I use his facial cleanser, serum, and light moisturizer. Then I’ll use something heavier for nighttime.”

Lima will also sleep with “two drops of Divine Decadence” fragrance on her body at night. She says that sleep is more important to her than partying. Lima is not the type to go out partying every night even though she’s a supermodel. It’s more important for her to get her beauty rest.

It looks like Lima’s beauty and wellness secrets work because she doesn’t even need to put on makeup to take a good selfie. Before she headed to Rio to watch the Olympic Games, she spent some time on the Greek island of Mykonos, where she took some seriously sexy bikini selfies in toned-down hair and makeup, as noted by Vogue.

Afternoon bikini ????????????????????????????????????

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Lima is a single woman these days. She has since split with her boyfriend of one year Thomas Joe, according to Entertainment Tonight. Lima has since been linked to New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. The couple were spotted walking around and holding hands in Nantucket last month. It certainly looks like she has no trouble in the dating department.

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