WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens Moving To ‘Smackdown Live’?

WWE Rumors

As SummerSlam approaches, there are even more WWE rumors coming out of the woodwork. And this latest one is about Raw favorite Kevin Owens, who just may be moving away from the Monday night franchise and onto the Smackdown Live roster!

That’s the report coming from SportsKeeda, who claim that this latest round of WWE rumors is coming due to the recent “draft.” This is the first time since 2011 that the WWE has had a draft, and even though many of the players are happy with where they were drafted to, many more of them are having second thoughts about where they ended up. Kevin Owens is one of the few players who are wondering if being drafted to Monday Night Raw was a good thing for his career, and if he may end up in a better position at Smackdown Live.

The reason that Owens will do better at Smackdown Live is because, frankly, the franchise needs a so-called “heel,” and he certainly qualifies. In addition, Randy Orton — another wrestler who plays the “heel” quite well — is also rumored to be moving to Monday Night Raw from Smackdown Live. If either of these WWE rumors are true, this will certainly be most welcome news for the fans!

WWE rumors
In other WWE rumors, Kevin Owens was recently on a conference call with both national and international media, and gave them some teasers about what to expect from this season, as well as voiced some opinions about how he’s being treated by the franchise. Wrestling, Inc., brought us the details. Here’s some notable take-aways that came from that call.

  • Even though he’d like to win the WWE Universal Championship (“of course!”), he doesn’t forsee himself facing Sami Zayn in the ring in the immediate future. Moreover, when it comes to Sami, he’s more interested in being memorable at the fight than he is about the outcome of the fight in general. Finally, even though he didn’t “set out” to become the Intercontinental Champion after only a few months with the company, that’s just the way the proverbial cookie crumbled.
  • Kevin Owens is “extremely” upset that he hasn’t been able to headline a PPV event as of yet (apparently, his previous comment of “I’ve only been with the company a few months” is notwithstanding), but he plans to do so this year.
  • Finally, he was asked about the announcer’s table being moved to the top of the stage on Monday Night Raw. Owens, always good for a quote, said that he’ll “just have to yell louder.”

WWE rumors
Cageside Seats is another outlet that’s confirming these WWE rumors of a roster reshuffle. According to them, it’s the so-called “powers that be” in the organization that are reconsidering the lineups, and WWE Creative will be ultimately making the final decision. Other WWE rumors that are still awaiting confirmation (or denial) are as follows.

  • Daniel Bryan only appeared on this week’s Monday Night Raw because the show was getting crushed in the ratings by the Olympics. There’s no word as to whether his appearance actually helped the ratings, or that he’ll appear on Monday Night Raw again.
  • Earlier reports about UFC fighter Conor McGregor joining the WWE lineup were true! There’s just one problem: when McGregor tackled the whole of WWE in his infamous “twice on Sundays” tweet and the NC-17 rated statement to the press, he actually “killed” two minor angles that the WWE was hoping to explore with him. So, basically, McGregor’s WWE career was over before it even got started.
  • Fans who were waiting for Roderick Strong to make his appearance in the WWE will be pleased to know that he passed all his medical tests, and is expected to appear at NXT sometime in September.

As always, we will keep you abreast of all WWE rumors as they come up!

[Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images]