Obama Campaign Manager: ‘Don’t Worry, We’re Winning’

If you’re a liberal, or a moderate/independent who just wants to see what President Obama will deliver with four more years, take heart. Despite fickle polls and wishy-washy media coverage, President Obama is definitely in the lead, and he’s definitely going to win. At least that’s what his campaign manager Jim Messina says.

It’s kind of his job to say that though, isn’t it?

Maybe, but running a successful campaign has its perks. Like strategic analysis and other stuff so complex that we kind of need someone to help break it down for us. Enter Messina, who says that despite polling ties between Barack Obama and his GOP opponent Mitt Romney in the polls, Obama actually has the advantage.

“In all the battleground states, we continue to see all our pathways there,” he said at an Obama fundraiser in Milwaukee. “We’re either tied or in the lead in every battleground state 45 days out.”

In fact, Messina believes that the poll numbers will reflect an even tighter race as the clock ticks down to November, but that the POTUS will still hold the crucial lead in key swing states.

“I think you will see a tightening in the national polls going forward,” he said. “What I care way more about is Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin, etc. In those states, I feel our pathways to victory are there. There are two different campaigns, one in the battlegrounds and one everywhere else. That’s why the national polls aren’t relevant to this campaign.”

Despite RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’s reassurance that Romney will win Wisconsin, Messina sees it the other way around.

“This is one where … because of the recall election, they test drove their car whereas in other states they haven’t. It would make sense they’re strong here, as are we. They are stronger than McCain was in ’08, no question, on the ground. But we continue to have a strategic advantage.”

Do you think that President Obama is a shoe-in for another term?