Another ‘Wayward Pines’ Season Looks Like A Real Possibility

After the second season’s gripping finale, fans of Wayward Pines are hoping for at least one more season. According to Zap2it, executive producer and book series author Blake Crouch stated that another season is definitely something they have “mapped out.” Fox Television Group CEO Dana Walden told reporters at the 2016 summer press tour that she loved the Season 3 idea the producers pitched.


“They have a really compelling idea for Season 3 that I liked very much. We’re definitely talking about the show right now,” Walden said. “I definitely think there could be a Season 3.”

She added that the network does expect to make a decision on renewing the popular series for another season soon. They are waiting to see what she described as the “delayed-viewing platform results” so a complete picture of how large the total audience for Wayward Pines really is. TV Line noted that for the second season, Wayward Pines averaged 2.4 million total viewers and had a 0.7 demo rating in Live+Same Day ratings, versus 3.8 mil/1.1 for the first season. With DVR playback, those numbers swell — for example, the finale for Season 2 rose more than 50 percent, from 2.2 mil/0.7 to 3.5 mil/1.1. Those type of numbers are important and everything can hinge on what the network finds.

The Parent Herald hints that if there is a Season 3, that instead of extinction, evolution may be the focus. There were two hints from the Wayward Pines second season finale that supports this theory. First, there was a shot of an Abbie holding what definitely looked like a human baby, and this could indicate that they are evolving. Then there was a shot of the outside of CJ’s (Djimon Hounsou) greenhouse, where the camera focused on a plant growing in what was thought to be barren soil. Apparently there is something happening to the environment and the creatures that live there.

If there is another season of Wayward Pines, Walden expects to see the return of some of the previous season’s characters. Since CJ is the one responsible for the inhabitants of Wayward Pines as they sleep, and is the only one who has first-hand knowledge of what happened to the world, his role is vitally important. Without CJ, Wayward Pines would have never made it off the ground the first time, and he will be needed when they wake up.


Depending on how much time passes before the people of Wayward Pines wake up, Adam Hassler (Tim Griffin) may return. He knows the Abbies like no one else, and he was allowed to stay in their world by Margaret, the Abbie leader. He is the one that the leaders of Wayward Pines will want around when they awaken, since he will be able to tell them what happened after they went into the pods.


Dr. Yedlin (Jason Patric) was new to the second season, and he emerged as the possible new leader of Wayward Pines, although almost anyone would have been better than Jason Higgins (Tom Stevens). Jason’s lack of judgment and irrational behavior had disastrous results for the people of Wayward Pines. After Kerry (Kacy Rohl) shot Jason, who was her lover and as it turns out, also her son (talk about a major plot twist), it seemed as though Dr. Yedlin purposely let Jason die.

Dr. Yedlin is doubly important to Wayward Pines because they need both his skills as a surgeon and his strong leadership abilities to help see them through when they emerge from their pods. Based on how long they stay in the pods, he could find himself having to make critical decisions quickly. They may have to deal with the townspeople who were left behind or even their descendants, if they were able to survive. If the Abbies are still around, despite possibly being infected with three deadly diseases, he will need to quickly decide how to best deal with that threat once again.


There are a myriad of scenarios that could play out, and it will be interesting to see what the residents of Wayward Pines will have to contend with if there is another season. For those who would like to see what Wayward Pines is all about, full episodes are available on FOX’s Wayward Pines page. Check back for updates on whether Wayward Pines gets the nod for another season on FOX.

[Image via Wayward Pines/Facebook]