‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: Sarah Paulson Returning?

Is Sarah Paulson Returning To 'American Horror Story' Season 6?

Is Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story Season 6? It has been the big question for many fans, since it is clear that we’re not going to find out the theme before September 2016. There has finally been confirmation on whether she will or will not be returning.

Sarah Paulson is returning to American Horror Story Season 6, according to TV Line. This confirmation makes her the second cast member to be in all seasons of the show, with Evan Peters being the first. The actress confirmed at the Television Critics Association tour that she would be part of the cast this year, but refused to share who or what her character would be.

This is certainly shaping up to be a small cast. Only three other previous actors have confirmed their parts in the season, including Cheyenne Jackson, Lady Gaga, and Angela Bassett. Denis O’Hare and Matt Bomer are reportedly part of the cast this year, after appearing in previous seasons. There are still questions over whether Emma Roberts and Taissa Farmiga will return. It is unclear if there will be any new actors definitely joining the team in larger roles.

American Horror Story Season 6 is working with a small cast to keep the storyline more focused and tight. It will be set mainly in the present, but with some flashes to the past. How far those past flashes go back is another question, entirely. In fact, nobody even knows what the setting is going to be this year. This is a marketing ploy to keep fans wondering and create more hype around the season.

Now that fans know Paulson will return to American Horror Story, they will likely feel a little better. There is some sense of calm, because the opportunities are endless with her.

The question is who Sarah Paulson will play in Season 6. Just recently she spoke about how she coped playing two characters at once. It doesn’t look like she’ll be doing that again, though. In the interview, she explained that she was playing a completely different role to ever before. This was the first hint that she was definitely returning to American Horror Story in 2016.

There have been plenty of theories floating around. Some suggestions were that Season 6 would be connected to Season 1 again, possibly using Billie Dean Howard. That isn’t going to happen if Paulson’s comments about playing a completely different role are true.

One character she hasn’t played yet on the show is an inherently evil one. She hasn’t been the bad guy in the way that Jessica Lange’s characters were often portrayed, or in the way Evan Peters was viewed in American Horror Story Season 5. Is it possible that she will take on the role of the evil entity causing havoc on the protagonists in the show?

Last season, she played a character that didn’t care about anyone but herself. Sally was always searching for that next high. This season could see her going one step further by being drawn to evil.

American Horror Story fans aren’t going to find out the theme for Season 6 until the air date next month. Ryan Murphy has decided that it will be fun to keep people guessing, and the producers have admitted that the teasers aren’t real—well, only one of the teasers shared last month are real. Just which one is it? Take a look and see if you can decide.

Does that mean the photos TMZ snapped aren’t real? Could AHS Season 6 be throwing some misdirection there to get people hyped up for the coming season? It certainly all has fans on the edges of their seats as they try to work out the theme and setting for American Horror Story Season 6.

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