Rob Reiner Is Latest To Blast Donald Trump Over Troubling Remarks

Count Rob Reiner among those who thinks Donald Trump has officially gone too far. While Reiner has never been what you would call a Trump supporter, the Republican candidate’s latest comments have the director seeing red.

Rob Reiner recently talked to the Hollywood Reporter about comments Trump made at a rally earlier this week. At that rally, Donald Trump began talking about how Hillary Clinton wants to take people’s guns.

He added that if she was elected, there would be no way to stop Clinton’s Supreme Court nominations from doing just that. After making that comment, he stopped and said perhaps the “Second Amendment people” could do something about it.


Reiner is among those who took those comments to mean that Trump was inciting violence against his presidential opponent. After seeing the speech, Rob Reiner says he simply couldn’t believe what he had heard.

“There are so many horrific things that he says that you become numb to it and think you can’t be shocked anymore, and then he says something like this. And even if he says he was joking, like he did about asking the Russians to hack into Mrs. Clinton’s emails, this is really not — because here is the problem, he has got some very violent people who follow him. He’s got all these neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups and they’re capable of doing all kinds of things.”

Reiner said while seemingly being in a state of disbelief. The director added he was most stunned because “we’re talking about a person’s life here.”

Reiner added that it’s not like there haven’t been political assassinations in this country. It is pretty clear the man behind such popular films like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail believes this is another strike against Trump as a candidate.

Reiner doesn’t just believe the most recent comments are a reason to vote against Trump. The filmmaker believes the latest comments should rule him out as someone who should even be running.


“Where’s the decency? Where’s the compassion and decency for your fellow man? I don’t care if you disagree with someone’s politics, but there’s a certain sense of decency towards other human beings, and he just doesn’t show any. He is a dangerous person. He is a very, very dangerous person. And he only cares about himself, and he is willing to hurt other people to benefit himself.”

Reiner isn’t the only one that had a problem with the comments Donald Trump made but he has been one of the loudest voices. His comments on Trump were also noticeable because he’s outside the political circles occupied by most pundits.

Shortly after a number of people, including Rob Reiner, took Donald Trump to task for his comments, the campaign released a statement saying he wasn’t attempting to incite violence. The campaign said Mr. Trump was merely looking to get people involved in the process of protecting the second amendment.

Among those who didn’t believe this explanation was the Clinton campaign. After seeing video of the speech at Trump’s rally, Clinton’s people issued a tweet saying, “A person seeking to be the President of the United States should not suggest violence in any way.”

Whether or not that latest Trump gaffe sticks to him any more than the time he made fun of the disabled reporter, or offered to pay the legal fees of a supporter if he punched a protester, is anybody’s guess. The Republican candidate clearly feels as though his supporters have made him bulletproof.

Rob Reiner is hoping those who haven’t yet decided to vote for Donald Trump will make the difference. It’s clear the director is attempting to appeal to the undecideds with his comments.

[Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images]