Leah Messer’s Daughters Did Something That Completely Scared Aleeah

Leah Messer has been spending plenty of time with her three daughters over the summer. After Teen Mom 2 ended this spring, Leah decided it was time to move on from her custody drama with her ex-husband, and she decided to start fresh with her girls. After the show ended, Messer decided to buy a home for herself and her three daughters now that Jeremy Calvert had moved on with another woman and Corey had just become a father to a little daughter. Despite her past hardships over the past year, Messer is now at a point where she can start celebrating the good things in life.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that she had a big day today. This week, her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah had their first day of school as they headed into the first grade. Leah was super proud of her daughters, but she admits that it is an emotional time for her. While Ali was more than excited to go to school, Aleeah was surprisingly nervous and scared.

“The girls first day of FIRST grade! Grace was the one that was nervous, and We were the ones nervous for BOTH of them. Ali was just all ready to go! Bless their hearts, and pray for courage and strength! This was a big step for these twin sisters. They rode different buses and will be in different classes. They are being combined with another school also. We know they’ll do great!!Mommy loves you two so much! This is the first step to letting go, and watching them grow into beautiful souls. Although, we will never let go completely! There’s no way. I’m going to be all emotional today, but that’s okay,” Leah Messer revealed in an Instagram post, sharing that her strong daughter Ali was more than excited to go to school.

One can imagine that Messer’s daughters will be going into the same class, which means they have each other in case one of them gets sad. No word on where this school is located, but one can imagine it is close enough to both Leah and Corey, so they can pick them up and drop them off without them being late. Tardiness and skipping days in kindergarten and therapy were the reasons why Corey ended up winning custody of the twins during a temporary custody deal. Messer fought back and they now have shared custody.

It’s awesome to see that things are going better for Leah Messer this week. Just a few days ago, Leah was traveling from New York City with United Airways when she learned that Ali’s wheelchair had been completely destroyed. She was heartbroken and disgusted that someone would throw around a child’s wheelchair. She shared the news on social media and the airline quickly took notice.

“This is despicable @united,” Leah Messer revealed in Instagram this week, according to In Touch Weekly, sharing a picture of the destroyed and broken wheelchair, adding, “How can you destroy a child’s wheelchair and turn the other cheek. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Now I’m standing @flyohare HOPING I don’t miss my flight. As I am waiting for her wheelchair to be transported to our plane.”

Since Leah Messer has plenty of followers, the airline quickly took notice and within 24 hours, things turned around in her favor.

“Got a call from United re Ali’s wheelchair. I am so impressed w their customer service. They’ve committed to taking care of everything,” Leah Messer revealed on Twitter this morning, sharing that the airline would be working hard to replace the wheelchair and do everything in their power to rectify the situation.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s daughters already going into the first grade?

[Image via Instagram]