Vicki Gunvalson Slams Meghan King Edmonds’ Husband: ‘RHOC’ Star Defending Meghan?

Vicki Gunvalson RHOC

Vicki Gunvalson may not be the most popular person in Orange County these days after she was accused of lying about her boyfriend’s cancer journey last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki kept denying that she had done anything wrong, but Meghan King Edmonds, who was taking care of a cancer-stricken friend, kept questioning his story. Nothing made sense to her. and she was convinced that Brooks Ayers was lying about having cancer and that Vicki knew more than what she was saying.

According to a new Radar Online report, Vicki Gunvalson may be trying to get back in Meghan’s good graces these days. On this season of the show, King Edmonds is focusing on something other than Brooks’ cancer. She’s trying to get pregnant via IVF, and while she’s super excited about the journey, her husband doesn’t seem too excited about it. He hasn’t gone to any doctor’s appointments with her, and sometimes, he would choose to go golfing rather than go to the doctor’s office with her. While Meghan was heartbroken about her husband’s choices, Vicki Gunvalson is very vocal about Jimmy in her newest blog. And she’s not happy about his lack of support.

“I felt really bad for Meghan when she dropped Jim off at the airport,” Vicki Gunvalson wrote in her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to Radar Online, adding, “He seems so disconnected from her. Making a mockery of her when she said it was ‘crazy’ that the next time she was going to see him was after the procedure was done was really sad.”

“I wonder what is going on in his mind,” Gunvalson continues in her blog, adding, “I wonder if he really wants to have another baby (he already has four) and if it’s too much for him at this time in his life. It just made me really sad for her. I hate to see anyone sad like she was. She seems so innocent and sweet and this should be the time of their lives and I think he should show more support to her.”

It’s very surprising that Gunvalson is so vocal and so supportive of Meghan, considering everything they went through last year. Of course, Jimmy had previously revealed that he was done having children, and he even had a vasectomy. He said he only decided to have another child because it meant so much to wife, who has never had a child.

Edmonds has tried to defend her husband, saying he works quite a bit. He does travel back and forth between Orange County and St. Louis. He was also in spring training in Florida for a while. But Vicki Gunvalson isn’t happy about his lack of interest when he is home. While his wife is super excited about possibly getting pregnant and going through everything to get pregnant, he doesn’t really seem to care. He has four other children, Lauren, Hayley, Landon, and Sutton.

According to US Weekly, Meghan revealed that she wanted to open up about her IVF journey on the show and on social media to become an example for people who are going through this journey.

“I’m an open person, so I wanted to show my process and the heartaches and the ups and the downs that go with IVF so people can say, ‘It’s OK to feel this way,'” she told US Weekly about her journey.

Interestingly, it seems Vicki Gunvalson would rather speak out against Jimmy to defend her co-star than just being there for Meghan as she’s now expecting her first child, a little baby girl.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson’s comments about Jimmy? Why do you think she’s so vocal in defending Meghan?

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