Mariah Carey Spending $100,000 On Makeover Ahead Of Wedding To Billionaire Fiance?

mariah carey makeover

Having already lost an incredible amount of weight thanks to a dedicated fitness plan, Mariah Carey is reportedly spending a whopping $100,000 on a makeover that’ll have the singer looking her best on her wedding day.

According to OK! Magazine, Mariah is doing everything she can to look her best before she walks down the aisle and marries her billionaire fiance, James Packer, who is famously known to organize extravagant events for special occasions.

This would evidently mean that the wedding is going to be very over-the-top, with all of their friends and family members welcome to attend. Mariah, who is said to be very self-conscious, knows that she’s done a great job at keeping herself focused on her current workout plan. However, according to sources, she’s not seeing results fast enough.

Because of this, Mariah Carey is allegedly mixing her fitness routines with regular trips to a dermatologist, who has helped her shed even more weight through laser resurfacing procedures. As previously mentioned, to look as good as Mariah can be quite expensive.

According to Gossip Cop, an insider revealed, “Mariah has been spending $15,000 a week for a private trainer who’s on call 24 hours a day, and a top-notch chef. And when the weight wasn’t peeling off fast enough, she got a little help with some laser resurfacing, though she never cops to plastic surgery.”

Fans on social media have joked about whether James Packer is the one who is footing the bill for all of Mariah Carey’s expensive moves to look her best in time for her wedding, considering the fact that the Australian billionaire has done nothing but spoil his soon-to-be wife with lavish gifts since they confirmed their romance.

When James made the move and proposed to Mariah, he presented her with a $7 million engagement ring before purchasing two yachts — one for himself and one for Mariah. The Daily Mail claims that Packer calls them “his-and-hers yachts,” which is somewhat of an early wedding present for Mariah Carey, who continues to claim that she’s still planning to get married before the end of the year.

How Carey plans to make this happen has yet to be seen, considering how she’s still legally married to estranged husband Nick Cannon. On top of that, Mariah has just announced that she’ll be playing a recurring role on FOX’s Empire when the show returns for its third series later this year.

And if that wasn’t enough, Mariah Carey will also be starring in her own docu-series on E!, titled Mariah’s World, which will premiere in December. All of this is happening while the mother of twins is enjoying her time at her Las Vegas residency while she begins work on her forthcoming studio album, which has yet to see an official release date.

With all of that said, Mariah Carey is certainly keeping busy. Still, it begs the question on how the legendary pop icon will be able to squeeze in her lavish wedding to James Packer in the midst of her residency shows, her recurring role on a hit television show, and the process of working on another record.

Are you looking forward to Mariah Carey’s wedding later this year? Better yet, do you think she’ll be able to make it happen with all that she has going on?

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