Man Impersonating Police Officer Attempted To Bring A Gun Into Magic Kingdom

New security measures are being implemented all around the world due to numerous terrorist attacks and other horrific occurrences. One of the places that recently put in added security is Walt Disney World, and it’s being proven that it is absolutely necessary. A man was recently arrested for impersonating a police officer and trying to bring a gun into the Magic Kingdom.

On Monday, 42-year-old Kevin Webb was impersonating a police officer from Arkansas when he tried to enter the Magic Kingdom armed. WFTV reported that it happened early on Monday morning, and the entire incident took place at the entrance of the theme park.

Around 8 a.m., Webb tried walking through the entrance, which is loaded with security officers performing bag checks and metal detectors for random security checks. All four of the major theme parks at Walt Disney World now have metal detectors lined up at their entrances.

He was one of those randomly selected, which led to him having to walk through the metal detectors. That was when the gun was noticed.

magic kingdom gun kevin webb
Metal detectors at Disney's Hollywood Studios [Photo by Danny Cox]

The gun was found to be in the right front pocket of Webb’s pants, which he actually admitted to having after going through the metal detectors. It was then that he also showed his wallet to Disney security officers and indicated that he was a police officer from Arkansas.

Jeff Williamson of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that the man “self-admitted” to having the gun on his person and trying to enter the Magic Kingdom with it.

Webb told the Disney security officer that he was a police officer. He relayed that same information to an Orange County deputy who was also present at the entrance of Magic Kingdom. At this point, things turned a bit weird as he changed his story and said that he wasn’t actually a police officer any longer.

From there, Webb said that he had retired from the police force and that he still had the allowance to carry his gun for up to five years after his retirement. This didn’t sit so well with the Orange County deputy who was working the park entrance that morning.

The deputy at the Magic Kingdom placed a call to Arkansas to speak with the Sherwood Police Department, and that was when the truth came out. It was revealed that Webb had not been employed by the department for over three years, and he should no longer have been in possession of his police credentials.

Additionally, it was revealed that Kevin Webb had not actually retired from the police force — he had been fired.

Jeff Williamson praised the Disney security personnel and police officers on the scene.

“We are glad that we had an astute person there at Disney [and] an astute deputy at that scene that was able to prevent someone who should not have been at the park with a firearm.”

The metal detectors were added to the entrances of the four Walt Disney World theme parks in mid-December. Their implementation came about after a man was arrested for trying to sneak a gun into the Magic Kingdom, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

WESH is reporting that Kevin Webb is now facing two felonies for his actions. One felony charge is for impersonating an officer, and the other felony is for carrying a concealed firearm.

Kevin Webb thought that he still had the power and clout he once possessed as a police officer in Arkansas, but it didn’t quite work. Along with his old credentials, he still tried to pass himself off as a cop and bring a gun into the Magic Kingdom. It seemed like it was just going to be a fun trip to Walt Disney World, but then Webb thought he would try to bring a gun into the park, and it ended with his arrest.

[Image via Danny Cox]