Javi Marroquin Admits To Tell-All Book: ‘Mine Will Be The Truth And What She Actually Did’

Javi Marroquin book

Javi Marroquin has just arrived home after several months overseas in the Air Force. Javi decided to pursue his dream of being in the military years ago, and fans have seen him grow for the past many years alongside Kailyn Lowry. And when he announced that he would be going overseas, Lowry felt that she could easily handle him being gone. Sadly, something went wrong in the marriage, and the two stopped trusting one another. All of a sudden, Lowry didn’t think she was getting support from her husband, and Javi believed that Kailyn wasn’t being sensitive to his needs. This all exploded on Teen Mom 2 after Lowry announced she had miscarried their child.

According to a new Radar Online report, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he wants to tell the world what happened between Lowry and him while he was gone. While things were fine before he left to serve, their marriage crumbled and they decided to get divorced during their FaceTime calls. Once Javi returned home, he learned what his wife was planning on writing about him, and he’s now writing his own book — with the truth.

“It’s actually a response to Kail’s new book coming out,” Marroquin has revealed about his own tell-all book as a response to Lowry’s newest book, Hustle & Heart.

“Except mine will be the truth and what she actually did that ended the marriage,” Marroquin continues, according to Radar Online, revealing that he was inspired to write a book after he learned what she was writing about him, saying he “found some of her rough drafts and wasn’t happy with what was being said.”

On the Teen Mom reunion special, Lowry hinted that they were getting divorced because she felt that he wasn’t being very supportive of her. While she had worked hard to get her university education, she felt that he wasn’t being very supportive of her going out and getting a job. Marroquin told Dr. Drew that they clearly wanted different things. However, their conversations and accusations on Twitter hint that more was going on. Just a few months ago, Marroquin’s tweeted hinted that Kailyn had been cheating on him. As Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter, those who knew what she was doing would now be dead to him.

“What’s done in the night will show in the light,” Javi previously tweeted before coming home, according to Radar Online, adding, “All of y’all that looked me in the face and didn’t say anything… Dead to me.”

At the time, fans asked Javi Marroquin to clarify what he meant by the tweet, to which he responded, “I’m gonna keep my mouth shut until the time is right.”

And it sounds like the time is right for him now after he read some excerpts from Kailyn’s new book. Maybe he was very distraught after reading what she was writing about him, as he was completely shocked that she would dig so deep and go so low in exposing their marital issues. And since she’s writing the book from her perspective, Javi Marroquin may not agree with what she’s writing. Instead, he wants to expose everything that happened between them, so he can share his side of the story.

These days, Javi Marroquin and Lowry have worked out a custody agreement for their son Lincoln, so they won’t be fighting over time with him.

“Me and Kail agreed to 50/50 with Lincoln,” Javi has revealed about his son, Lincoln, according to The Hollywood Gossip, adding, “So every other week I get him.”

Are you surprised that Javi Marroquin is writing a tell-all book about his failed marriage? Do you think he will expose Lowry for cheating and lying?

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