Blake Lively Slams Post-Pregnancy Body Shamers, Criticizes The Celebration Of Post-Baby Body Ideals

Blake Lively criticizes the celebration of post-baby body ideals.

Blake Lively has had enough of body shamers, particularly those who can’t stop themselves from commenting about the post-baby bodies of new mothers.

Lively, 29, appeared on the Australian TV morning show Sunrise Monday to promote her movie The Shallows, but the subject immediately shifted when the interviewer complimented the actress for her bikini-ready figure, the Huffington Post reports.

Blake graciously accepted the compliment, but she grabbed the opportunity to slam the tabloid media for their rampant body-shaming of women who have given birth.

“It’s so unfair though, because it’s so celebrated,” the pregnant actress said. “It’s like, this is what someone can look like after a baby. I think a woman’s body after having a baby is pretty amazing.”

Blake, who started filming The Shallows months after giving birth to her 19-month-old daughter James, advised new mothers not to feel pressured about bouncing back quickly to their pre-pregnancy bodies right after giving birth. New mothers have just created new life, which is something to be celebrated and enjoyed to its full extent, she said.

“You don’t need to be Victoria’s Secret ready right away because you just did the most incredible miracle that life has to offer,” Blake continued. “I mean you gave birth to a human being! So I would really like to see that celebrated.”

The actress also talked about the endurance training she went through in preparation for the filming of The Shallows. Blake pointed out that she underwent intensive training not to get her pre-pregnancy figure back, but to prepare herself physically for the role, which she said was “as much a physical challenge as it was an acting challenge.”

And it’s just as well, considering the physical demands of the role she took on in the film. Her character Nancy requires more than physical endurance to survive after being stranded on the feeding ground of a great white shark.

In April, a source close to the actress confirmed that she and husband Ryan Reynolds were expecting a second child.

“Blake is absolutely thrilled and so is Ryan,” the source said.

Lively made her red carpet baby bump debut at the Met Gala on May 2. Wearing a camouflaging maxi-dress, Blake looked stellar as she flaunted her growing belly. Blake stunned yet again by showcasing her growing belly when she made an appearance at the premiere of her new movie Café Society during the Cannes Film Festival.

Post-baby body shaming has been an ongoing trend in tabloid media for a long time. It caused mothers like Kim Kardashian West to stay inside their homes for months to avoid being photographed by the paparazzi. Kim, however, is making big strides in losing weight since the birth of her second child with husband Kanye West. Some celebrity mothers weren’t as successful, which made them an ongoing target for body-shaming sharks among the media and fans at large.

Actress Alyssa Milano also fell victim to post-baby body shaming on back in 2013. But the culprit wasn’t a member of the media, but actor Jay Mohr.

The actress, who gave birth to her son Milo in August 2011, responded with a tweet on Christmas Day.

“@jaymohr37 So sorry you felt the need to publicly fat-shame me. Be well and God Bless. Please send my love to your beautiful wife,” Alyssa wrote.

The Suburgatory actor apologized for his fat-shaming remarks, tweeting that Milano is a “stunning” woman and that he “mistakenly thought the absurdity of what I was saying would have been taken as a joke. #fail”

Milano graciously accepted Mohr’s apology, but also pointed out that she’s happy that the discussion that followed the actor’s gaffe was able to draw attention to an important issue.

“I think it’s an interesting statement about where we are socially that people feel that they can sort of rip a woman’s body apart after having a baby,” she said.

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