Drake & Rihanna: Is Serena Williams Stopping Them From Settling Down?

Rihanna Was 'Hurt' & 'Jealous' Over Drake's Relationship With Serena Williams

Drake and Rihanna are reportedly officially dating again, but new reports are claiming that their recent reconciliation hasn’t exactly run smoothly.

Hollywood Life is revealing that Rihanna was left pretty “hurt” just months ago after seeing the Drake being so public with his dating life with tennis star Serena Williams.

“Rihanna was hurt and a little jealous when Drake was showing up to Serena [Williams’] tennis matches, flossing her around town and whatnot,” an insider recently told the site of how Rihanna really felt about Drake dating Serena.

TMZ revealed that Drake and Serena were getting pretty serious back in September 2015, confirming that the two packed on the PDA while Drake attended Williams’ New York Fashion Week event, just months before he was rumoured to reconcile with Rihanna.

And it was allegedly Drake’s very public display of affection with Serena that made Rihanna “jealous” and unsure of a future with the rapper, as Hollywood Life confirmed that Drake and Rihanna’s relationship is constantly in turmoil.

While it was Drake who wasn’t ready to commit to Rihanna before, sources are now claiming that it’s Drake who’s ready to settle down, but now she’s not so sure.

According to the site, Rihanna “had feelings for Drake then” but was left disillusioned because he “clearly didn’t” while out and about with Williams.

“[Drake’s] proven to her time and time again that she’s replaceable,” a second source told Hollywood Life of why Rihanna isn’t convinced that a serious relationship with Drake would be the best idea.

Rihanna Was 'Hurt' & 'Jealous' Over Drake's Relationship With Serena Williams
“[Rihanna’s] got love for Drake but he’s made his bed several times and has proven to her he’s not ready for anything serious,” the insider continued amid the dating reports. “If it ain’t Rihanna, it will be another girl.”

Hollywood Life also alleged that Rihanna is growing tired of Drake’s partying ways, and reportedly isn’t ready to get into the dating game and start a serious relationship with someone who she believes isn’t ready to get serious.

“[Drake’s] always throwing crazy parties at his house with butt naked women and Rihanna doesn’t have time for that,” the insider admitted.

Drake and Rihanna are still yet to officially confirm that they’re hooking up once again, though reports claiming that Rihanna was left “hurt” when the rapper dated Serena come just days after People confirmed that the two had actually been “secretly dating for months.”

Rihanna Was 'Hurt' & 'Jealous' Over Drake's Relationship With Serena Williams
E! News also confirmed that the two were back on as the dating rumors hit the headlines, also reporting that it’s Rihanna who’s still reluctant to put a label on her recently rekindled romance with Drake.

“Rihanna loves Drake,” a source said, “but is still not ready to put a title on them.”

“Drake has expressed to Rihanna that he only wants to date her and only her, but she wants to take day by day this time around,” E! News continued, just days after the dating rumours began two swirl around the couple who were first romantically linked way back in 2009.

But while Rihanna is reluctant, the site revealed that Drake is doing everything he can to convince the “Needed Me” singer to give their dating life another serious go.

“Drake would make her his girlfriend in a second if he could,” E! News confirmed, just weeks before Drake made a very public proclamation of love for Rihanna as the two performed together at OVO Fest in Toronto, Canada, earlier this month.

Drake made it pretty clear to Rihanna that he wanted to get serious as the twosome performed their biggest hits, including “Take Care” and “Work,” at the event, even revealing in front of an excited crowd that he wanted to “go half on a baby” with Rihanna.

“You showed up two nights in a row for my city. You might have to go half on a baby,” Drake told Rihanna on the OVO stage according to Us Weekly, before describing the star as “the greatest entertainer in the world.”

What do you think of reports claiming that Rihanna was “hurt” and “jealous” after it was revealed that Drake was dating Serena Williams?

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