Cher’s Donald Trump-Hating Tweets Inspire ‘I’m With Cher’ Movement, Cher Joins Hillary Clinton At ‘Gayest’ Place On Earth

Cher now has her own political campaign, according to Billboard. But here’s the plot twist: the campaign wasn’t started by her. It was one of her fans, who loved the 70-year-old singer’s Donald Trump-hating tweets.

Cher has been admired for pretty much everything: for having a spectacular voice, for being a great actress, for being a loving mother, and for being the Goddess of Pop. But now the mother of two is also admired for her hate towards Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. One of Cher’s fans has recently launched the “I’m With Cher” campaign for her politically-charged comments on Twitter about the upcoming U.S. presidential election and in particular for her harsh comments about Trump.

Since early 2016, Cher has been using Twitter as a platform to trash Trump (whose name she always mentions on Twitter with a toilet emoji) and to voice her support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In her most recent tweets about Trump, the Mask actress, who turned 70 in May, called the GOP nominee a “LYING CON MAN” and a “PUNK A**.” Her mean tweets toward Trump inspired her fan, creator and designer Anna Niess, to make posters, bumper stickers and buttons featuring the “I’m With Cher” phrase.

The phrase was a reference to Clinton’s “I’m With Her” slogan, and to Niess’ surprise, her Cher merchandise has sold so well she even decided to make an entire “I’m With Cher” political campaign.

And now Cher’s fans have the opportunity to support the political campaign as well as Niess’ work by buying the merchandise on the designer’s website. Niess claims the “I’m With Cher” merchandise profits will benefit “an organization of Cher’s choice.” If the singer doesn’t choose any organization, the proceedings will go to the organization Everytown for Gun Safety.

The idea to launch Cher’s own Trump-trashing, Clinton-supporting political campaign surely goes in line with the singer’s decision to join Clinton for her summer celebration event in Provincetown, according to Out.

It means that the two of the most inspiration women in the world are going to Provincetown, which is often called the “gayest” place on Earth, at the same time. Provincetown surely awaits Cher and Clinton’s upcoming visit to voice their support for the Democratic presidential nominee.

The thing about Provincetown and their support for Clinton is that in no way do they want to allow Donald Trump become president in the November presidential election, after the Republican candidate’s anti-gay rhetoric.

The big event for Clinton in Provincetown will be held on August 21 at the Pilgrim Monument, while as many as 500 attendees are expected to join Cher and the Democratic presidential hopeful.

The Provincetown event’s co-host, Bryan Rafanelli, said in his interview with the Cape Cod Times that Cher is going to celebrate the “amazing diversity” of Provincetown and of the United States as a whole.

Rafanelli was also the host of Clinton’s first daughter Chelsea’s wedding. It will be Clinton’s second visit to the gay-friendly town in 2016. But this time, the Democratic nominee, who won a Grammy award in 1997, is not going alone. This time she brings the Oscar-winner Cher, who has already confirmed her attendance in Provincetown.

The affordable and medium-priced tickets have already sold out, but those who have several thousand dollars to spare just to witness Cher and Clinton together onstage can still buy preferred admission tickets.

Provincetown’s manager David Panagore said in his statement that his town couldn’t ask for a better end of the summer than to see Cher and Clinton in their town at the same time.

“It could mean there could be a lot of Cher impersonators on Commercial Street that weekend. It’s going to be a very big draw and somebody that a lot of people would like to see.”

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