Song Hye-Kyo On Her Fears, The ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Movie, And The Type Of Role She’d Like Next

Song Hye-Kyo has opened up about her fear of swimming, according to the South China Morning Post. The 34-year-old actress recently guest-starred at Prada’s re-opening party in Harbour City.

My source of happy these past few days!!! Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, everyone. #SongSongCouple #DOTS

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Song Hye-Kyo, who is best known for her role in hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, was in attendance at Prada’s big event, which gathered dozens of Harbour City’s VIP guests and celebrated Prada store’s new look.

The city’s VIPs and celebrities, including Song Hye-Kyo, were invited to check out the Prada store’s new exterior and interior design. While the store’s exterior has touches of artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, who focuses his work on the kinetic art, the interior included a harmonious mix of black, white and deep green colors.

Korean actress Song Hye-Kyo was seen enjoying herself with celebrities and guests of Harbour City’s high society such as Sean Lau (The White Storm), Jennifer Tse (Naked Soldier), Bossini heiress Queenie Rosita Law, and many others.

To keep the evening fun and make their guests stay through the night, Prada organized a pop-up bar from Quinary as well as several food stations with staff from Grand Hyatt. The South China Morning Post reported that Song Hye-Kyo opened up about one of her fears, and that fear is swimming in the sea. When asked how Song Hye-Kyo likes to spend her summer, the Korean actress said she loves spending summer on beaches but only because of the beautiful scenery, as she is “a bit” scared of swimming in the sea.

“I usually go to the swimming pool if I want to swim.”

When asked about how she usually rests during breaks in between filming projects, Song Hye-Kyo said she loves traveling and going to a lot of places.

“I recently went to Jeju-do, a beautiful Korean island, with some of the staff members.”

However, Song Hye-Kyo was quick to add that the list of her favorite places of traveling also includes New York City, Paris, and Italy. And then the Descendants of the Sun star was asked about her plans on working with Tony Leung, whom she starred alongside in 2013’s The Grandmaster.

“He’s a great actor and I’m a fan of his work. I don’t think there are any plans yet to work together in the near future, but perhaps later when the opportunity presents itself.”

Song Hye-Kyo hasn’t talked much about the movie version of Descendants of the Sun but there are some confirmed details about the upcoming movie, according to Yibada. Although Descendants of the Sun crew haven’t confirmed this, but there are several reports that the Korean actress and her co-star Song Joong-ki would get married in the film.

In fact, Song Hye-Kyo has never actually confirmed reprising her role of Kang Mo-Yeon, an Army surgeon from the 2016 South Korean television series of the same name. However, several reports indicate that the Korean actress might reprise her role in the Hollywood adaptation of the series.

In one of her recent interviews, Song Hye-Kyo said she wasn’t very excited about starring in a yet another drama. Instead, the actress wants to do a fatal melodrama. The Korean actress explained her choice by saying she wanted to deeply invest her emotions.

So now that Song Hye-Kyo is going to be picky about her future projects, the actress also added she wanted to do a role that has never been tried by other South Korean actresses before.

“Just like how male actors get to play varied characters, I would also like to play characters that people don’t normally see female characters portraying on screen.”

[Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]