It’s National Spoil Your Dog Day, And The Dog Deals Are Here

Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day

Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day. It’s time to show your canine friends how special they are and how much you love them. You might want to give your dog extra affection, go for a special walk, or buy a new toy. Maybe you’d like to celebrate your dog’s loyalty with a special treat? As a pet owner, you know best what your dog likes and dislikes. Take the time today to give your dog the special attention he or she deserves. It’s also a good time to take inventory over the products you use and make sure you’re giving your dog the very best. Luckily, there are plenty of deals available in honor of National Dog Day.

Treats are one of the most popular ways pet owners spoil their dogs. Natural treats are always a good choice. If your dog has a preferred treat, then why not indulge today? If you don’t want to buy treats, you can make your own.

One of the simplest ways to spoil your dog is to spend time with him or her. Get down on the floor and play with your dog. If your dog is a lap dog or allowed on the sofa, let him or her sit and spend quality time with you. Often, all it takes to bond with your dog is to sit quietly together. Make sure children get in on the fun. If that means running around with Rover, then by all means, do it.

Who says you have to wait for your dog’s birthday to have a party? Why not throw a party in honor of National Spoil Your Dog Day?

MIU Pet is offering several deals this National Spoil Your Dog Day. The first is on a grooming and deshedding tool. If your dog’s coat is getting wild, wooly, and mangled, then you’ll need a good grooming tool. Many dogs love to be groomed and find the process soothing.

Some dogs stay cooped up indoors far too long. Why not head over to your favorite dog park? After all, it is National Spoil Your Dog Day. Dogs enjoy having a chance to let go and romp around. If your dog is an apartment dweller, then he or she needs ample time outside. Before heading over to the dog park, make certain you have a high-quality dog leash. MIU Pet also has a current deal on an ergonomic, high-quality retractable dog leash in honor of National Spoil Your Dog Day.

Maybe you’d like to take your dog swimming at the beach? How about a car ride? It really doesn’t matter where you go as long as you’re together. Make sure your dog is safe and get out of the house. Having fun with your dog is an important way to celebrate this holiday.

Also on sale for National Spoil Your Dog Day is a luxury shower system. For those who groom their dogs by bathing them in the bathtub or sink, this system will meet their needs. Here is a review of the luxury based shower system for dogs. There may be no better way to spoil your dog than to give him or her a luxurious bath.

Another way to celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day is to get some new doggy outfits. There are costumes available, dog clothes for different seasons, and clothes perfect for every day wear. Maybe you need something practical like a doggy raincoat? Sweaters are always a popular choice, and if you’re taking photos of your dog for National Spoil Your Dog Day, there are some great wardrobe suggestions below.

How will you celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day?

[Image via Vitaly Titov/Shutterstock]