‘Prison Break’ Season 5 More Than Just Breaking Out Of Prison: Better Than The Original Series [Video]

The 'Prison Break' Characters Will Do More Than Just Break Out Of Prison In Season 5

Prison Break Season 5 is set to be better than the original series. At least, that is what Dominic Purcell believes. The actor shared his thoughts in a sneak peek video of the upcoming season on YouTube.

It has been seven years since Prison Break aired with the two-hour ending. Wentworth Miller’s Michael Scofield made the ultimate sacrifice to save his brother, wife, and friends, as they broke out of prison again. It was a tragic ending, but not as final as it seemed. The first look of Season 5 in May showed that Michael wasn’t actually dead, but was now in a new jail in Yemen.

Prison Break Season 5 is set to be the biggest season yet. According to Miller, it isn’t just about breaking out of prison this year. Once his character gets out, he and the others will need to break out of the country. It will be action-packed, as new alliances are made, relationships formed, and old faces make their return.

During the latest sneak peek, Purcell explained that the team will plan their biggest escape ever. Robert Knepper will return to show that Michael is alive after all and needs help from somewhere in Yemen. Purcell’s Lincoln will need help from old friends to get into the country and prison and then make his way out of both.

Executive producer Dawn Olmstead has confirmed that all the characters Prison Break fans loved from the past will appear in the show. They are all involved “significantly” in getting Michael out of the country.

Rockmond Dunbar will return as “C-Note,” and shares the reason for Michael being in prison in the first place. He’s been accused of working with ISIL and conspiracy to take down the government. Creator Paul Scheuring goes on to explain that the characters won’t know who to trust, as there are enemies from around the world. While they need to work out how to get out of the country, they’ll also need to find out how Michael has gotten himself into this situation. Who is setting him up to take the fall, and for how long has he been the target?

There are still plenty of questions surrounding Prison Break Season 5. Will Michael know that he has a son? When will the two get to meet? Will his son even find out that Michael is alive and trapped in another country?

There are also still plenty of questions surrounding how Michael survived the end of the original series. Could there be flashbacks included to show how he got to where he is in the current timeline?

The first Prison Break Season 5 trailer made it clear that things were going to work similarly to the original series. Michael would need help from the inside, and in the trailer he tells a small number of inmates that they are all crucial to the plan. It is unclear just what roles the inmates will play and what will happen to them when they do get out of the prison. Will they all go their separate ways like they started to in the original series?

While the first season of the show was viewed positively, it saw a demise in viewer ratings in later seasons. It got to the point where Fox had no choice but to pull it off the air. There is hope that the new storyline and grittier setting will pull people in. Miller and Purcell, who are currently starring in Legends of Tomorrow, certainly believe it is worth the watch.

Prison Break Season 5 has no confirmed premiere date yet, but it is set for spring 2017. Fox will air it on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

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