Fox Sports’ CM Punk Documentary: Trailer Released on Punk’s WWE To UFC Journey [Video]

wwe ufc Fox Sports’ CM Punk Documentary Trailer Released on Punk’s WWE to UFC Journey [Video]

Fox Sports will air a CM Punk documentary, The Evolution of Punk, on August 15, covering the fighter’s journey from the WWE to the UFC, and the powerful trailer was just released. The straight-edged superstar, whose real name is Phil Brooks, began his wrestling career in 1999 and arrived in the WWE in 2006; he won numerous titles and became the WWE heavyweight champion on multiple occasions. Brooks would eventually grow weary of the politics in the WWE and walk out of the company in 2014 to pursue a mixed martial arts (MMA) career. Though controversial, the UFC signed CM Punk shortly thereafter and as The Inquisitr reported, Punk will fight Mickey Gall for his UFC and MMA debut.

The fight will take place at UFC 203 in September, but the journey has been a rocky road for Brooks. He was supposed to make his UFC introduction in 2015 but a shoulder injury delayed his debut. At the beginning of the year, Punk was diagnosed with having a herniated disc and the fighter underwent surgery. Finally, it looks like he is healthy and more determined than ever to enter the UFC octagon come September.

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Uphill battles are nothing new to the former WWE champion. He grew up with a rough childhood and felt neglected by his blood-family and never had a close relationship with them. He ended up staying with a close friend in his latter teenage years and considers them his family. Even in his WWE career, he felt like he was being held back because of his smaller size and nontraditional appearance. In fact, Brooks never found long-term success as a champion until he delivered the infamous “pipe bomb” promo on Raw in 2011. It was at this moment the WWE universe latched onto him and his wrestling career hit an all-time high.

It was after this promo that he would go on beat John Cena for the WWE championship; all of his hard work and dedication to professional wrestling had finally paid off. He is using that same hard work and dedication in his UFC training. CM Punk’s coach, Duke Roufus, has commented that Punk is a natural striker and has progressed well through his training.

As it seems to be the tradition for Brooks, his UFC contract comes under controversy. Punk himself has said, as seen in the trailer below, that his UFC signing isn’t fair. The trailer also shows how hard he has been working in transitioning to an MMA competitor.

UFC President Dana White and CM Punk knew each other before the superstar was signed to the company and they consider each other friends. Punk was an avid MMA fan and would attend many of the events. CM Punk always wanted to compete in MMA so when he left the WWE, that was the next natural progression. Many speculate that White signed Punk knowing he would draw a crowd. WWE and UFC competitor Brock Lesnar has broken UFC pay-per-view (PPV) records and holds the record for their biggest PPV buys. No one is expecting Punk to bring in those same numbers but his popularity is undeniable. When he signed with the company in 2014 headline after headline mentioning the fighter has been virtually unending.


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CM Punk has always had his detractors, and he has used that negativity as fuel to work even harder. Through his entire life, Punk was told he couldn’t achieve his goals, and he has proven the skeptics wrong time-and-time again; from overcoming injuries to finding success in the WWE, Punk has proven he achieves what he sets his mind to. He looks to do the same when he makes his MMA and UFC debut. From the looks of the Fox Sport’s CM Punk documentary trailer, the fighter looks ready and determined as ever to prove the skeptics wrong one more time.

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