Dennis Tissington: Mischief Charges For Shocking Alberta Window Smash [Video, Updated]

Video shows Dennis Tissington violently smashing windows of car with baton in Grande Prarie, Alberta.

Update 3:30 p.m. ET, August 10: Reanne Gray, who states that she is a relative of employees of Vision Homes, has written to the Inquisitr, reporting that her family has been receiving “hate texts, messages, and phone calls from blocked callers and fake Facebook accounts.” She also provided photos of property damage said to have been part of the events leading up to Dennis Tissington breaking Damian Dallyn’s car windows in the video below.

Dennis Tissington mischief charge, video culmination of ongoing dispute between home builder and contractors.
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Update 1:15 p.m. ET, August 10: Tyler Stojan, who reports that he is the owner of Vision Homes, posted to Facebook with regard to the Dennis Tissington video included in this article. It appears that Tissington’s mischief charges may the culmination of an escalating dispute involving several parties. Included in the Facebook post are photos of property damage.

Original article: Unsettling video shot on Saturday showing a man who identifies himself as Dennis Tissington, who the Better Business Bureau lists as the general manager of Vision Homes in Grande Prairie, Alberta, smashing out the windows of a vehicle and snarling at the photographer is catching attention for its intensity.

CTV News has confirmed Tissington’s identity, as well as reporting that he has been charged with “mischief” by the Grande Prairie Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“I don’t even know what was really going through my head at the time of him pulling a weapon out and coming at my car,” videographer and subject of Dennis Tissington’s rage, Damian Dallyn, was quoted by CTV. “As soon as he hit my first window I was in shock, I was spitting glass out of my mouth.”

Please note, the video contains violence and NSFW language.

In the video, Tissington, an athletic, bald, greying, middle-aged man wearing a golf shirt and jeans can be seen approaching Dallyn’s car carrying what is being described as a “baton.”

When he reached the car, he lifted the baton up and tapped sharply on the driver’s window. Damian Dallyn then rolled his window down a few inches and Tissington could be heard speaking.

“Aren’t you in [unintelligible] trouble?” the manager asked Dallyn incredulously.

“Nope,” a voice, presumed to be Dallyn’s, responded.

“You’re going to be,” Tissington then stated while nodding his head.

“Why?” Dallyn asked.

“You’re going to be in the f****** hospital if you don’t get of out here,” Tissington snarled.

Alberta homebuilder general manager Dennis Tissington charged after video showing him smashing car windows goes viral.
Dallyn then objected to Tissington brandishing the baton. Tissington returned angrily.

“Yes I can, ’cause I have one,” Tissington growled, flashing white teeth.

“O.K.,” Dallyn responded.

Seemingly irritated with Dallyn’s refusal to engage him in an argument or vacate the area in the few seconds after issuing the directive he had available before Tissington, terrifyingly, smashed the window of the vehicle out with the baton, which is exactly what he did.

The flying glass from the incident resulted in Dallyn suffering from numerous cuts in his mouth, on his lips, and his forehead.

“Get out of here,” Tissington snarled as glass flew. “Get!”

Dallyn then politely asked for the man’s name. He could be seen holding his face closely to Dallyn and pronouncing his name clearly.

“Dennis Tissington,” he declared, seemingly pleased with his accomplishment, before holding the baton up again, threatening to smash not but a window, but seemingly, Damian Dallyn, snarling again for him to leave immediately.

Video showing Alberta man Dennis Tissington smashing car windows goes viral.
When Dallyn did not immediately drive away, incensed, Tissington smashed out the back window of the vehicle as glass flew once again.

“You’re going to jail, bud,” Dallyn can be heard stating.

“I’m too f******* old for that,” Tissington growled angrily and again demanded that Dallyn leave immediately.

With that, Dallyn finally, slowly, calmly drove away while noting Tissington’s party’s license plates as shards of glass slowly fell from the roof of the car and frame of its door.

Though Dennis Tissington has been charged with mischief, Damian Dallyn is said to not think that this goes far enough. He stated a belief that the Alberta man should also face assault and weapons charges.

Grande Prairie is located in northwestern Alberta and has a population of 68,556, as reported by the Government of Alberta. Just two days ago, Grande Prairie was cited as the most “dangerous” city in Canada by Macleans, for the second year in a row. Grande Prairie leads Canada in drug, fraud, firearms, drunk driving, and theft convictions. Vehicle theft in Grande Prairie is reported to occur at a rate seven times higher than the national average.

Dennis Tissington is scheduled to appear in court with regard to his mischief charges on October 3.

[Image via VerbalPoetz/YouTube]