Hillary Clinton Emails: 44 More Emails Published By ‘Judicial Watch’ — Read Them Here

Hillary Clinton Emails: 44 More Emails Published By 'Judicial Watch' -- Read Them Here

More of Hillary Clinton’s emails have been released by the State Department. Now journalists and web-surfers are poring over the 44 emails involving Hillary that were not released in previous batches of Clinton’s emails that made up about 30,000 private emails.

As reported by the Associated Press, the emails reveal Clinton’s exchanges with various political folks, including people who have donated to the Clinton Foundation and others.

Judicial Watch received the emails and published them. Clinton’s emails are from 2009 — with 296 pages in total of State Department records that were released.

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The emails contain such banal items in the PDF file such as a menu from Hotel Okura, which is a luxury hotel with locations in Tokyo and Amsterdam. Delicacies such as red tuna with caviar and wasabi cream appear on the menu, along with scampi floating around pumpkin soup. Dessert items like persimmon and chocolate cake a la mode, topped off with peppermint ice cream, make the menu sound positively delicious.

Some of the emails show information that has been redacted, likely to protect sensitive information such as current email addresses — or curious things Clinton wrote that she was doing in one email exchange with Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff.

“I’m on w****** and will be done soon. Can you call back in 10 minutes? When will I get a copy of the speech to review?”

Meanwhile, it isn’t known if Donald Trump will use this latest leak of Hillary’s emails to make claims like he did in the following tweet from August 8.

Update: Trump published another tweet late Tuesday that criticized Clinton for her emails once more.

“When is the media going to talk about Hillary’s policies that have gotten people killed, like Libya, open borders, and maybe her emails?”

Trump is currently undergoing his own controversy during the same time that Hillary’s 44 emails were published. According to the New York Post, Trump has come under fire for seeming to suggest that Hillary should be assassinated by those seeking to protect gun rights. The Secret Service has said that they are aware of Trump’s words.

As reported by the New York Post, the latest exposure of Hillary’s emails on Tuesday show that Clinton’s aides have catered to rich folks and didn’t secure her daily schedule within a hotel room that wasn’t locked. The newly released batch of emails also reveals an email exchange between Hillary and Stephen Roach — who was at that point in time in 2009 chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia. Roach offered help as he prepared to testify before Congress.

Ironically, mentions of the National Security Agency and special Blackberry phones were mentioned in the leaked emails — a move that could have prevented the private server emails from being exposed.

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Meanwhile, folks are reacting to news of Hillary’s latest emails and Trump’s alleged gun threat against Clinton in a myriad of ways on social media. Some of those comments can be read below.

“Hillary: I’ve turned over all my work-related emails, except 44 that show State Dept. favors for Foundation donors.”

“A hater became a fan after they read her Now what about those ?”

“No tweets from about Trump ‘second amendment people’ remark this afternoon.”

“Mean-spirited threats of and encouragement of violence cannot be tolerated.”

“Can the Secret Service arrest a [presidential] candidate because he is an ignorant dumb*** who plays fast and loose with nods and winks on the campaign trail? Probably not but it does add one more item to the list of reasons why The Donald should never see the inside of the Oval Office.”

As seen in the top photo above, Clinton spoke at a rally as an audience member held a heart in the air in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Monday, August 8.

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