Amanda Bynes Getting No Help From Family, Angry Friends Say

Amanda Bynes is in serious need of help, but she apparently isn’t getting any from her family.

Sources close to the actress told that her friends are growing angry at how little help she appears to be getting from those closest to her.

The friends reportedly don’t understand why her family isn’t taking a more aggressive approach with Amanda, who has had a string of car accidents and bizarre behavior that includes allegedly smoking what appears to be a drug pipe while driving. Instead the family is watching idly by while Amanda Bynes self destructs, reported.

The report seems to be in conflict with some reports from earlier this week. Her parents reportedly decided to uproot their lives in Texas to be with Amanda for a while, helping set her straight. As reported, their move came after Amanda was charged with a DUI this past April.

A few days after the report of her parents’ move came out, Amanda Bynes’ uncle also spoke out publicly, saying that she needs to get help quickly.

“She needs to stop drinking and driving. She needs help,” her uncle, Ronald Bynes, told Celebuzz.

But the friends say they want a much more aggressive approach, asking that her family literally break down her door if they need to. And that may be exactly what it comes to, as Amanda Bynes has reportedly cut off communication from her family in recent months to the point that she doesn’t talk with them at all. As noted, her parents move has had little success in getting her help since they’ve moved back.