‘World Of Warcraft’ Demon Hunters Now Playable, Complete Demon Invasions For Limited-Time Rewards

World of Warcraft

With the Legion expansion about to release in a matter of weeks, the pre-patch events are finally starting. Since the pre-patch launch in July, players have been enjoying a wealth of class chances, the revamped transmogrification system, normalized player versus player, and other changes specific to patch 7.0. Today, events leading up to the release of the sixth World of Warcraft expansion are now underway giving players a chance to fight demon forces and earn Nethershards.

Thanks to today’s maintenance, World of Warcraft players can log in now to complete the Broken Shore line of quests, help defend locations from invasions, and start their journeys as Demon Hunters. Players at level 98 or higher will automatically start the Broken Shore quest as stated on the official site. The arc sets players out on a new scenario that rewards a new ring and a faction-appropriate weapon once it is completed. After speaking with icons in their faction, players will need to complete an eight-stage scenario for their rewards in addition to a few other objectives before the line completely wraps up.

World of Warcraft
The Broken Shore mission awaits high-level players, but those players that are level 10 or higher can participate in the new demon invasions. This week, invasions are popping up over distant locations in Azeroth. Players can travel to zones like Tanaris and Dun Morogh to fight back demon invasions being dropped in to terrorize the areas. Simply open up the map to find where an invasion is taking place. The zone under attack will have a green portal icon on it indicating the invasion is in progress. Hovering on the icon will state how much time is left to stop the invasion.

After players travel to an invasion location, they will notice a scenario stage indicator in their quest list. Invasions feature four stages and reward the new Nethershard currency, new gear, and more for those who push back the demonic forces. According to WoWhead, players will first defend a specific location within the invaded zone. In stage two, players will need to join together to fight a demon commander and his lieutenants. In stage three, players will need to traverse the zone to destroy footholds and eliminate even more forces. Finally, players will battle a demon boss at the invasion point to push them back until the next invasion inevitably begins hours later.

World of Warcraft
This week, players can find invasions every few hours generally rotating between Azeroth’s two continents. However, invasions will appear more often and in locations closer to the factions’ main capital cities as the expansion release draws nearer. As the Inquisitr reported, foes will become stronger in the coming weeks and players that complete invasions in all six locations will be rewarded with a Feat of Strength achievement. The two associated achievements will not be available once the demon invasions stop at Legion‘s release.

The update offers up even more for those that have pre-purchased Legion. Players that have already bought the expansion can start playing their Demon Hunters now. Demon Hunters start at level 98 with a unique set of quests similar to the starter Death Knight experience. After they have completed the required quests, Demon Hunters can join their faction in normal activities like dungeons, raids, and the new invasions. According to Battle.net, players will need a level 70 character or higher to be able to create a Demon Hunter.

Keep in mind, features specific to the Legion expansion are yet to be released. The increased level cap of 110 is not yet available, Artifact weapons are not obtainable at this time, and the Broken Isles zones are yet to be playable. All of those aspects and many more will be available on August 30 when Legion launches for World of Warcraft.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]