PICS: Zach Hyman snaps Jocelyn Saldana naked on NYC subway

…just in time for his show’s opening at the Chair and Maiden gallery on Christopher Street tonight, Zach Hyman’s naked subway snaps are grabbing headlines.

Like Jordan Matter and her book Uncovered: Women in Word and Image, Zach’s got a habit of snapping models naked in places like Times Square. Unlike Matter, he did it on the L train. Ewwww…

Hyman’s shoot took 30 seconds, and most riders remained blase. One woman screamed and and elderly lady started shaking, but other than that, no one really took notice. Still, Hyman travels with “bail money” and keeps his lawyer on speed dial. And if he gets arrested, he’s pretty unconcerned:

“In Times Square, there are cops everywhere,” Hyman said. “It seemed that always right before or after the shoot, a cop car would roll by. Thankfully, we never needed bail money. But I have a clean record, so I’m open to the experience of getting arrested.”


[Source: CBS, NYPost]