Homeless Men Intervene In Sex Offender Attack, Save 15-Year-Old Girl

Modesto, CA – Mere hours after his release, sex offender Kevin Long reportedly set his sights on a lone 15-year-old girl on a bus, approaching her and asking, well, questions a grown man shouldn’t be asking a teenage girl. Luckily, a group of homeless men on the bus overheard the perverse conversation and decided to intervene when it turned physical.

CBS Sacramento reports that Long allegedly harassed the teenage girl who was on her way to school, though didn’t take notice of a group of homeless Good Samaritans who were watching his every move.

“He had made a verbal gesture to the young lady about ‘have you had sex yet’ and the girl was freaked out,” said Curtis Mitchell, one of five who intervened when the disturbing conversation allegedly turned physical. “All of the sudden, he just lunged out of his seat and grabbed her crotch area,” he said.

Mitchell and his four friends, who are disabled and homeless, attacked Long and incapacitated him for several blocks before the bus driver pulled over into the transit center, where law enforcement officials were waiting, reports MSN.

“I just wanted to get him away from the children,” Mitchell admitted. “He thought nobody was going to do anything. Well, he was wrong and we got him,” he said.

Long was reportedly released from prison the previous day, and was staying at the same shelter as Mitchell and his posse. The 37-year-old has been in and out of prison since 1995, with rape, drug, burglary, and even terrorist charges on his record. Mr. Mitchell, our hero, said what all heroes say after they save the day:

“I’m not no hero. I’m a regular person. I have kids, grown up now, but I would hope someone would help my kids if they needed it,” said Mitchell.

Coolest. Story. Ever.