Will Smith Is Not A Fan Of Donald Trump, Calls GOP Nominee ‘Embarrassing’

Will Smith

It’s safe to say that Will Smith is not a fan of GOP nominee Donald Trump. During the Suicide Squad press conference in Dubai, Smith was asked about Mr. Trump and went on to slam Islamophobia and Trump’s perspective.

Prior to the junket, Smith said that he was tweeting anti-Islamophobia photos in order to dismantle the views that are being thrown around in America, which can be argued is thanks in part to Donald Trump. Smith blamed the Islamophobia on Fox News, stating that it has an image problem.

“The Middle East can’t allow Fox News to be the arbiter of the imagery, you know. So cinema is a huge way to be able to deliver the truth of the soul of a place to a global audience.”

Being that he’s Will Smith, the actor found an interesting silver lining in having someone like Donald Trump as a GOP nominee. Trump has been accused of being Islamophobic and against immigration, and Will Smith said that we need to hear different opinions, but there’s a catch.

“As painful as it is to hear Donald Trump talk and as embarrassing as it is as an American to hear him talk, I think it’s good. We get to know who people are and now we get to cleanse it out of our country.”

This isn’t the first time the actor took Trump to task because of his platforms and views. Just the other week, Smith called Trump’s ability to call women “fat pigs” as “absolute f**king insanity.” The actor, who is currently promoting Suicide Squad, told an Australian news outlet of his views on Donald Trump’s views of women.

“My grandmother would have smacked my teeth out of my head if I had referred to a woman as a fat pig. And I cannot understand how people can clap for that. It’s absolutely collective insanity.”

He went on to say that if one of his sons ever called a woman a pig in his presence, he would disown them and kick them out of his house.

So does he think Mr. Trump has a chance at the White House? According to Smith, he doesn’t think Trump will be elected.

“For me, deep down in my heart, I believe that America won’t and we can’t (elect Mr. Trump). Of all the things he has said, and we could go through the laundry list, that was the one that was such an absolute illustration of a darkness of his soul. I just cannot figure out how people can clap for that.”

That said, he does have a favorable opinion of one president, and that’s the current standing president, Barack Obama. Smith, who has been rumored to play the president since his first campaign, delved into if he would ever play the role.

When asked, Smith admitted that he spoke about the possibility with the man himself, saying that he had his blessing.

“We’ve talked about it a couple of times and he said the one thing that’s for sure is I have the ears to play him.”

As for whether or not he had any aspirations to be in the White House, Smith said that at one point in time he did, but seeing President Obama hard at work, has dissuaded him.

“I was thinking about it but, you know, I watched Obama for the last eight years. That’s a hard job. I definitely have had the itching. I have lots of views and ideas and sometimes I hear people say things on television and I just want to run against them. Just straight at ’em and knock ’em over.”

[Photo by Adam Schreck/AP Images]