Mitt Romney: My Campaign Doesn’t Need A ‘Turnaround’

With Mitt Romney trailing President Obama in several swing states, critics and supporters alike have said that the GOP candidate needs a major turnaround if he wants to win the election. Mitt, however, disagrees.

In an interview with 60 Minutes the GOP candidate said that the campaign had good days and it has bad days but overall it’s heading in the right direction.

Romney said:

“We’re tied in the polls. We’re all within the margin of error. We bounce around — week to week — day to day. There are some days we’re up. There are some days we’re down. We go forward with my message, that this is a time to reinvigorate the American economy, not by expanding government and raising taxes on people, but instead by making sure government encourages entrepreneurship and innovation and gets the private sector hiring again.”

Romney also addressed his now infamous 47% comments. Last week a tape was leaked onto the internet showing Romney saying that 47% of the US population was dependent on the government. Romney said that there was nothing that he could do to get these people to vote for him.

Romney said last week that he stood by his comments but admitted that they were not “eloquently stated.” In his interview with 60 Minutes, Romney took responsibility for the comments saying that they were a personal mistake and had nothing to do with the campaign.

Romney said:

“That’s not the campaign. That was me, right? I’ve got a very effective campaign. It’s doing a very good job. But not everything I say is elegant. And, and I want to make it very clear, I want to help 100 percent of the American people.”

Do you think the Mitt Romney campaign needs to turn things around? Or is the GOP candidate heading in the right direction?