August 10, 2016
NBA Trade Rumors: Anthony Davis To Warriors, Draymond Green To Pelicans

Now that the dust has settled on free agency, NBA trade rumors abound as teams look for ways to further improve their rosters. The Golden State Warriors appeared to be all set with their "super team" for 2016-17, but one of their top players may have caused an alteration to those plans.

According to the Blow Sports, the Warriors are tiring of forward Draymond Green's antics, and they are exploring potential trade opportunities for the six-foot-seven NBA All-Star. One option being discussed is a deal with the New Orleans Pelicans for fellow NBA All-Star Anthony Davis.

The thought of Golden State trading Draymond Green would have seemed ludicrous not long ago, but his behavioral issues both on and off the basketball court have changed that. The problems started during the 2016 NBA Playoffs when Green threw Houston Rockets forward Michael Beasley to the ground during Game 3 of their first-round playoff series. Green was assessed a flagrant foul by the NBA after the league reviewed the skirmish.

In the next playoff round against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Green was involved in another incident -- this time with Thunder center Steven Adams. Green kicked Adams in the groin area, drawing another flagrant foul penalty. Finally, Draymond Green was hit with yet another flagrant foul for his backhanded swipe toward LeBron James after the two became entangled near midcourt. Because of the amount of flagrant foul points Green had accumulated due to these actions, he was automatically suspended for the next game.


The game Green missed, Game 5 of the NBA Finals, was supposed to be the Warriors' coronation as two-time NBA Champions (they led the series 3-1 going into that contest). However, without Draymond Green, the Cavaliers were able to steal Game 5 on Golden State's home floor in Oakland, California. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and the Cavs were able to sustain the momentum they gained from that victory, as they went on to win the series and the NBA title in seven games.

Many observers feel that Draymond Green cost his team the NBA Championship by losing his poise during the playoffs and missing a crucial game during the NBA Finals. Once the off-season began, things didn't get any better for Green.

Green was first accused of punching a Michigan State football player outside an East Lansing, Michigan restaurant. Then, he further embarrassed himself and his team by posting a photo of his private parts on the social media app Snapchat. At first, Green said his account was hacked, but he later came clean and admitted that he accidentally posted the picture publicly instead of sending it to an individual as he had intended.

Stephen A. Smith of ESPN stated on the air that if Green's behavior does not change, the Warriors will begin to distance themselves from him, as reported by Christian Today.

"I want to tell Draymond Green to consider this as a warning," said Smith. "If you continue to tread on this path, the Warriors would turn you on in the blink of an eye. At the end of the day, any organization that believes you are compromising their money and bottom line because of image issues ultimately will turn on you if you're not careful."

Regarding the potential trade with the Pelicans, Golden State's back may be against the wall if they feel they need to move Green, but they certainly won't give him away. If they are able to swap Green for a budding young star like Anthony Davis, they may be able to turn this whole ordeal into a positive for the organization. Getting New Orleans to trade Davis would appear to be a tall order, but if any team in the league has the assets to get it done, it's Golden State.

Do you think Draymond Green has a future with the Warriors, or will the team have to unload him due to his unpredictability on and off the floor?

[Photo by Gerald Herbert/AP Images]