June 29, 2017
Christie Brinkley And John Mellencamp Break Up Suddenly But Will Stay 'Good Friends'


Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp had a good thing going for the last year, and they really seemed to be enjoying their romance, but that's come to an end now. The supermodel and singer "have split after a year of dating," according to People magazine's information that came directly from a rep for Brinkley and Mellencamp. They're both incredibly busy, and earlier in the year, Christie hinted that their overloaded schedules might be leading to a breakup or at least putting a strain on the relationship.

Christie and John don't even have the luxury of living close to each other and were spending a lot of time rushing back and forth to try to keep their romance alive. All that travel just didn't fit in with the other commitments they both had on their plates, and eventually, they had to admit the mix just wasn't working out for them.
Brinkley's skin care business is growing, and now she's launched a new line of organic Prosecco, Bellissima, that's keeping her occupied this summer, with promotions for the wine that she says helps her live a "healthy, happy and sweetly beautiful life." Christie could be right about that. Fans often wonder about Brinkley's age, and looking as she does at 62-years-old, she must be doing something right! One fan tweeted that she is obsessed with Brinkley's photos because Christie doesn't age.
On ABC News' Peoples List, Christie spilled some of her beautiful life secrets, including the pick-up line that always works on her. She says that line is the simple "Will you marry me" that she fell for four times. It looks like Mellencamp never asked that question. If he had, Christie and John might not be breaking up right now!
Mellencamp, 64, is planning to restart his American tour sometime this summer and has also been touring all spring. People as busy as Mellencamp and Brinkley too often find that their schedules rarely allowed them to take the extra time to visit each other's homes.
"Both the mileage between their homes and their heavy career demands interfered with their ability to maintain the relationship."
However, Christie and John both want to stay on good terms, as they negotiate their way out of the year-long romance. They've promised that they'll stay good friends.
"They vowed to remain best of friends."
When they first hooked up at a party in the Hamptons, Christie said she didn't think they'd be a good couple at all. AOL News reports that as soon as they started talking, she changed her mind. Christie described John as a throwback and a silent cowboy, but she quickly discovered they did have things in common.
"But then we talked and realized that we do have a lot of shared interests."
For several months, Brinkley and Mellencamp were content to let things happen without worrying too much about it. They both held to the belief that "you never really know what's going to happen," and if they put the focus on enjoying life, their relationship might work out.
"John and I are two people that have very full lives. We're just trying to enjoy each other when we can see each other and try not to put too much [pressure] on it."
Brinkley noted that guys often go out with "girls that are so, so young," who have no idea what their much older partner is talking about when they refer to something that happened many decades ago. She didn't give any hint of whether she's open to becoming involved with someone else, but if she does, it will likely be someone her own age.
"When it comes to relationships, there is something nice about just being the same age."
It does help to have the amazing looks that keep Christie from looking her age.
[Photo by AP Images]