Porsha Williams: Reality Star Rushed To Hospital After Collapsing

Reality TV star Porsha Williams was rushed to hospital on Monday following her collapse in a parking lot. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 35, startled a number of witnesses who called 911 after observing the star collapsing. Atlanta Fire and Rescue responded to the call and took Williams to the nearest hospital.

The rep for the Bravo star, who was a part of Seasons 5, 6, and 8 of the hit reality television series, initially declined to comment on Porsha’s condition, yet it has been reported that she is doing “OK,” as People shares. TMZ has chalked the incident up to William’s having not eaten.

A source close to the star explained, “You’ll recall… Porsha’s low blood sugar caused a fainting spell mid-flight back in March.Someone get the woman some crackers.”

The incident that the publication is referring to involves Porsha having fainted while on an airplane and needing assistance. The star was flying from Atlanta to Miami, and the fainting spell required the call “Is there a doctor on board?” from flight attendants. Sources on the plane told TMZ that Porsha was in first class when she suddenly became woozy. It’s reported that three doctors responded to the call by the flight attendant.

For the mid-flight fainting spell, Porsha was traveling alone, but her sister Lauren was sure to comment on the incident and relayed that doctors assisted Porsha in coming to by administering a sugar pill. Porsha’s sister also shares that the star has low blood sugar issues and has experienced fainting spells in the past. Paramedics met with the star when she landed in Miami, checked her out, and found that she was fine.

Porsha has been known to be a bit of a diva and perhaps a touch dramatic, yet this appears to be a real medical issue the star has. When it comes to the drama that seems to always swirl between her and a number of co-stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, mainly Kenya Moore, the calmed emotions recently spiked again.

On the most recent season of the show, Moore and castmate Sheree Whitfield were in competition to get their homes built. Kenya finally completed Moore Manor and decided to throw a housewarming party. She invited all the ladies from the show, including enemies Williams and Phaedra Parks.

When Porsha showed up extremely late to the event, Moore was having none of it. A source notes that the tensions ran high and became nasty quickly between the ladies. Rolling Out shares the details that were relayed by the source.


“‘Kenya got really nasty really quickly with Porsha,’ a source said, before claiming that Moore decided to kick Williams out of her party. ‘She told her she was not invited into her home and that she had to go immediately.'”

Despite being asked to leave by the host, Williams decided to linger at the party and only caused Kenya’s emotions to boil over.

“‘Porsha didn’t leave right away, so Kenya went over again and told her to go. The housewarming party was filmed for the upcoming season,’ the source says, claiming that Moore ‘just had to amp up the drama factor with Porsha.'”

Although there have violent and aggressive exchanges between Williams and Moore, much like the altercation they had on a former reunion episode, it’s been reported that the two kept their fists from flying and kept the peace. It’s believed, however, that Kenya wanted to stir up drama and get a rise out her nemesis, Porsha. That’s not like Kenya Moore at all, is it? Oh yes, it is.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]