Tyga Arrested Yet? $10,000 Bench Warrant Issued — Due To Stripper Pole In Malibu Home

Tyga Arrested Yet? $10,000 Bench Warrant Issued -- Due To Stripper Pole In Malibu Home

Tyga has a lot going on lately. Tyga was recently making news because of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 that Tyga reportedly bought Kylie Jenner for her 19th birthday present, as reported by the Inquisitr. That luxury vehicle was one pretty expensive birthday gift that Kylie showed off on her Snapchat account, since the Mercedes-Maybach S600 can run as much as $448,000 based on the options received. Now Tyga is in trouble for not showing up in court when he should have — and getting an arrest warrant issued against him as a result.

According to ABC 7, Tyga did not pay a $480,000 judgement that Tyga was supposed to pay in relation to damages in a house in Malibu, California. Tyga rented the home in 2011 — and court documents claim that Tyga later broke the lease on the home that Tyga was leasing for $16,000 per month. The court documents also claim that Tyga missed one of those $16,000 monthly payments before breaking the lease.

Instead of showing up to answer charges in a court of law, the 26-year-old Tyga did not show up on Tuesday in a Santa Monica court — therefore, the judge issued the $10,000 bench warrant against Tyga. Showing up would have meant Tyga would have had to expose his financial situation, which has been a subject of much controversy over the years.

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Ironically, some of the damages that Tyga needs to answer for involve a stripper pole that was installed in the master bedroom of the home — alterations and other damages that were not approved of or condoned by the owners of the Malibu house. Tyga did not pay for the damages, saying he was broke. However, with the news about Tyga reportedly buying Kylie a car that cost anywhere from $200,000 and up, the lawyers in the case want Kylie to come forward and tell the truth about where the monies have originated.

As reported by Gossip Cop, the news about the arrest warrant for Tyga are true — and not the stuff of hoaxes.

The warrant means that Tyga could be arrested at any point in time and taken to jail. If Tyga or Kylie would show up to court, it would definitely be a media circus around the duo. If Tyga is arrested, it is likely a scene that will show up on future episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The publication also reported that Tyga recently almost got kicked out of his house in Hollywood Hills in February — and the very next month, Tyga’s clothing store landlord sued for damage and non-payment of rent. There were also rumors of car repossessions and more money woes that make people think it likely isn’t Tyga buying Kylie all those expensive gifts.

Reactions to news of Tyga’s arrest warrant can be read in some of the below sample comments from social media.

“Tyga may go to jail because he bought Kylie a Mercedes instead of paying his debt.”

“Tyga is claiming poverty, while pretending to buy kylie expensive cars. Sounds about right.”

“So Tyga owes $480K…. Claimed he was too broke to pay for it…. Then turned around & bought his white millionaire gf a car…”

“Well do I get it if I turn him in? If not what do I care. And if I do get the 10k anyone seen this new age s***** rapper i know you 1990 kids have a GPS on him.”

“The bad boy of rent payments?”

“What happened to this n****. After That Racks City b******* he just went left.”


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