WWE News: Rusev And Lana Wedding Drama Gives A Preview Of ‘SummerSlam’?

WWE News SummerSlam

With less than two weeks to go before SummerSlam, WWE news has been coming out of the woodwork like crazy. And last night, on Monday Night Raw, we got a preview of the drama that’s about to come as Roman Reigns brought the pain to Rusev & Lana’s sacred wedding celebration!

That’s according to Hollywood Life, who were the first to report about Rusev & Lana’s special day being ruined by perpetual WWE heel Roman Reigns. After referring to the happy couple as a “Bulgarian Sasquatch and a mail-order bride,” Rusev and Roman began beating each other within an inch of their respective lives. But in the melee, Lana got caught — and ended up with her face buried in the wedding cake! This would have been funny — and maybe even endearing — under the right circumstances, but these circumstances were far from ideal. And certainly, no bride — not even a WWE superstar — wants red frosting in her hair and on her wedding dress. Think of the dry cleaning bill!

Of course, then came the even more explosive WWE news: even though Rusev initially turned down Roman’s challenge to fight at SummerSlam, the only way Rusev’s beloved bride is going to get justice for her wedding day being ruined (low blow, Roman!) is to fight Roman during SummerSlam!

In other WWE news, Fox News is reporting that Roman Reigns is not alone in insulting this happy couple. On last night’s Monday Night Raw, a slideshow of the couple’s wedding was shown (because those are always fun), which of course sent the crowd into a booing frenzy. In between Rusev’s shouts of “you will respect my wife!” and yet another photo of the beach in Malibu where Rusev & Lana said “I do,” the official WWE Twitter account threw this bit of shade:

So, does this interesting bit of WWE news mean that Rusev will be defending his lady’s honor in about two weeks? In a word, yes! UPI is reporting that after the wedding cake fiasco, Rusev demanded that Mick Foley — the general manager — set up a fight between himself and Roman so Lana could be avenged. Almost immediately, Foley set it up so that “The Big Dog” and “The Bulgarian Brute” could compete for the new United States Championship. Given that Reigns is recently coming off of a suspension, this is one of the most exciting pieces of news one can get!

WWE News SummerSlam
What are some of the other predictions that people have for SummerSlam? Newfound BFFs Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are seen as the newfound favorites to win their match against Enzo Amore and Big Cass, which is being touted as a lot more “fun” than the other fights, Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton and Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins. Other wrestling analysts, including Scott Fishman, have made note of Kevin and Chris’s newfound friendship, and thinks that it would be a good thing for the WWE:

Another thing to bear in mind is that Chris Jericho is a future Hall of Famer, and that’s another thing that wrestling fans can look forward to.

WWE’s SummerSlam is set to air on August 21 on Pay Per View. We will keep you abreast of all WWE news — and WWE SummerSlam news — as the information arises!

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