Dolphin Snatches Woman’s iPad: SeaWorld Orlando Warns Visitors [Video]

If you are planning a trip to SeaWorld, it is best to keep your iPad far away from the dolphins. As seen in the below video, a woman who held her pink iPad too close to the dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando discovered that dolphins are smart enough to jump up and confiscate an iPad right out of a person’s hands.

As reported by Fox 13 News, the viral video of the dolphin grabbing the iPad right out of the woman’s hands also shows the dolphin seeming to celebrate its iPad-grabbing victory.

Kuadiel Gomez captured the event on video — and now his video is going viral all over the world. Hailing from Wesley Chapel, Gomez visits SeaWorld Orlando often, but has never seen a dolphin snatch a mobile device out of a park-goer’s hands before. Fortunately, the woman was able to retrieve her iPad quickly from the dolphin before the iPad sank.

Gomez said that SeaWorld Orlando allowed visitors to view the dolphins close to the tank.

“That dolphin just lunged and reached the lady, which was unbelievable.”

Soon after the iPad-snatching incident occurred, a SeaWorld employee could be heard telling the SeaWorld Orlando visitors that dolphins in fact have the ability to steal iPads and any other items hanging loosely around them.

“As you can see, the dolphins can reach your loose items.”

SeaWorld Orlando allows visitors to touch the dolphins — and naturally, visitors like to dangle their mobile devices close to the dolphins in order to get great photos. However, the woman likely never expected the dolphin to jump up and deftly snatch the iPad out of her hands — and appear to laugh and celebrate and splash water near her afterward.

dolphin [Image via Shutterstock]The case of the iPad is being credited with helping it not to sink immediately. It isn’t known if the pink vibrant color of the iPad case had any bearing upon the dolphin’s decision to snatch it, since most dolphin experts agree that dolphins are colorblind.

On Facebook, Gomez shared FOX 13 News — Tampa Bay‘s video of the dolphin snatching the iPad — commented that his Facebook video got 4.4 million views.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that to take off like it has lol 450k views on this and 4.4k views on my upload! Crazy.”

Another Facebook post by Kuadiel, at SeaWorld, posted on Monday, August 8, explained the original situation about the woman getting her iPad taken, along with how Gomez’s camera was nearly taken also.

“Yesterday at SeaWorld Orlando I caught some footage you never see! A dolphin lunged out and stole a ladies iPad right out of her hand and then his other dolphin friends started splashing and soaking the entire crowd of people! A couple dolphins came towards me lunging up like they were going to try and take my camera too! This is hilarious and was crazy to see. Share and let everyone see this lol. YouTube: DeklynKai”

People online are calling the iPad-stealing dolphin everything from sneaky to mischievous to a bottlenose dolphin that displayed unusual behavior. Overall, the dolphin has taught SeaWorld Orlando visitors — and SeaWorld visitors at large — not to hang too closely over the dolphins with mobile devices.

ipad [Image via Shutterstock]The famous dolphin’s lesson about putting down one’s phone and iPad to just enjoy the dolphins with the naked eye might be an experience worth having.

Some of the reactions to the dolphin snatching the iPad, as written on social media, can be read below.

“This dolphin just REALLY wanted to play Pokemon Go.”

“The dolphin gets it. Get off the iPad!”

“Revenge of the captives!”

“When you’re talking with someone and they keep looking down at their phone…”

[Image via Shutterstock]