‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Absorbs Her Big News, Carly Questions Nelle, Bobbie Celebrates, And Lulu Shocks Rachel

What is coming up on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers indicate that there will be a lot of focus on Bobbie’s birthday party, and word about Nikolas’ supposed death will spread as well. Sam’s surprise pregnancy will spark intense emotions and the August 9 show has more with Port Charles newcomers Nelle and Joe as well.

As viewers had suspected, Sam is not sick with a mysterious illness but is pregnant with a miracle baby. General Hospital spoilers via the previews show that Jason will question Elizabeth about Sam’s hospitalization and Sam will be feeling stunned about the baby news.

Bobbie has gathered all of her loved ones to help her celebrate her birthday, and We Love Soaps shares GH spoilers that there will be a big announcement made at the gathering. While it is not known quite yet what this big announcement will be, it seems that everybody will have a big reaction to the reveal.

Carly was approached by a young woman named Nelle who has a shocker to share: She believes that she was the kidney donor for Josslyn. Both Josslyn and Jax had been pushing Carly to drop her investigation into the transplant and to keep the peace she had told everybody that she would.


Despite this, Nelle has shown up, and everybody will be curious to see what comes next. Is there a deeper connection between Nelle and Carly beyond the kidney donation? Some fans are buzzing about the possibility that this young gal may turn out to be related to Carly in some way, and many have a hunch that there is much more to this story yet to be revealed.

SheKnows Soaps reveals that Lulu will talk with Rachel and fill her in on all of the chaos regarding Nikolas that has played out. GH spoilers detail that Rachel will be stunned to learn that Nikolas faked his death in Port Charles, and she will surely feel quite hurt over this. In addition to learning about that, she must also now absorb the revelation that Nikolas was shot and left for dead on Cassadine Island.

Sabrina is starting back up as a nurse at General Hospital again, and GH spoilers tease that she will quickly run into a familiar face that leaves her a bit stunned: Joe, Carlos’ twin brother. It seems that he will be starting a new job there as well and fans have a hunch that these two may become too close for Michael’s comfort now that they are working in the same place.

Tracy will be putting some pressure on Dillon, likely realizing that something is up with him medically. Dillon will surely want to avoid sharing specifics with his mother, but Tracy is not one to let go of things easily. Will Dillon go ahead and explain the uncomfortable truth about what has happened with Darby, or is Tracy angling for information on something else?

As the week continues, viewers will see Alexis need help from Julian in some way, and Michael will be talking with someone new in town and making a plea of some sort. Will this be regarding Joe and Sabrina, which seems likely, or is it connected to Nelle, Carly, and Josslyn?


Things have been quite complicated lately between Elizabeth and Franco, but GH spoilers tease that things are not necessarily over between these two yet. In addition, Kristina will be issuing an apology soon, but she will also learn about Alexis’ antics related to Parker, and this will lead to an emotional confrontation. Viewers will also see Finn hurling an accusation and Lulu tackling some unfinished business.

Sam and Jason will surely be overjoyed by their surprise pregnancy, but will everything go smoothly with this situation, and is that all that was causing her health issues? Is Nelle really Josslyn’s kidney donor, and how is she connected to those in Port Charles? What comes next for Rachel as she deals with the shocker she receives about Nikolas? General Hospital spoilers share that there are big shakeups on the way and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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