Amanda Stanton And Josh Murray Reveal Convo She Had With Nick Viall Was Edited Out

"The Bachelorette" star Nick Viall

Viewers apparently didn’t see an important conversation that Amanda Stanton had with Nick Viall after the first rose ceremony on Bachelor in Paradise. On Monday night, after the latest episode aired, both Amanda and Josh Murray, who had been portrayed as Nick’s rival for Amanda, tweeted that a conversation that she had with Nick was edited out.

Amanda tweeted that the episode never showed the conversation that she had with Nick at the rose ceremony. Amanda hinted that what was said between them was important to understand what happened later on in the episode.

What was said between Amanda and Nick? Josh posted a tweet that seemed to answer that question. In response to a viewer who told him that he shouldn’t have stolen Amanda away from Nick when he knew that she and Nick were an item, Josh wrote that they weren’t an item. According to Josh, after the first rose ceremony finished, Nick and Amanda agreed to date other people.

On the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Nick Viall enjoyed a date with Amanda Stanton. Both had expressed an interest in one another on the very first day. When Leah Block, who, like Amanda, was previously on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, showed up to paradise and asked Nick out on a date, Amanda got nervous. Amanda ended up having nothing to worry about. While Nick and Leah had a seemingly good date, he apparently didn’t feel a romantic connection with her. Just hours after his date with Leah, he was granted a date card. Surprisingly, instead of asking Leah out for a second date, he asked Amanda out.

Amanda and Nick enjoyed a very good date, and they kissed. Prior to the rose ceremony, Leah tried to convince Nick that Amanda was not the right woman for him. Undeterred by Leah’s words, he made clear that he was going to give Amanda a rose, which he did and she accepted. After the rose ceremony, Nick proclaimed that Amanda was the woman for him.

“I’m 100% certain that Amanda’s the person.”

The next morning, Nick and Amanda remained together. Yet right after Nick was shown saying that he and Amanda were on the same page in regards to how they felt about each other, and he was excited to see where the relationship went, Josh Murray showed up.

Josh previously beat out Nick for Andi Dorfman’s hand in marriage on season 10 of The Bachelorette. Sadly, their engagement ended less than a year later. Josh told host Chris Harrison that he was on Bachelor in Paradise to find a wife, and Chris presented him with a date card.

After talking to some of the women, Josh, having been made aware that Amanda had already gone on a date with Nick, asked to talk to Amanda. As Josh and Amanda talked, Nick admitted to Evan Bass that he and Josh don’t exactly get along. After talking to Amanda, Josh told the camera that he isn’t worried about dating the same woman as Nick on a second show.

“Amanda’s first date was with Nick. You know Nick and I have a history of dating the same woman before so I’m not worried at all about dating the same woman as Nick.”

Not surprisingly, when Josh asked Amanda out on a date, and she agreed, Nick looked less than pleased. To the camera, Nick questioned Josh’s intentions.

“Josh is asking Amanda out just because Josh is getting satisfaction out of asking the girl out a day after I gave her a rose. It was hard for me not to wonder about Josh’s intentions. If he is deliberately trying to lead Amanda on, I would be really pissed.”

Josh had something to say about Nick questioning his intentions. Josh posted a tweet that implied that it was Nick who came on the show with the wrong intentions, specifically to pursue an acting career.

Josh maintained that he was there only to find love.

After Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton had returned from their date, which seemed to go very well, Nick Viall got Josh alone and spoke to him about Amanda. Nick said that he thinks that Amanda’s great, and they had a good first date. Josh replied that when he talked to the other women, they told him that Nick and Amanda weren’t serious. Josh then seemingly rubbed his connection with Amanda in Nick’s face.

“You always want to bring some kind of drama to the situation and that’s cool. I don’t hold grudges, I don’t do anything like that. I’m in it for the right reasons, trying to find love, trying to find somebody and we had an incredible time today, just so you know.”

Nick told Josh that he was being an “a**.”

“I’ve never seen someone so unapologetic, like for being an a** for no reason.”

According to Josh, the conversation he had with Nick, which seemed to have some gaps, was heavily edited.

On Bachelor in Paradise, after Josh and Nick’s conversation ended, they joined the rest of the group. Josh, right in front of Nick, immediately sat down next to Amanda and kissed her on the lips repeatedly. Amanda didn’t even seem to notice that Nick was there as she engaged in some tongue kissing with Josh. Josh and Amanda then left the group holding hands and continued making out while lying on a bed together.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nick, on Twitter, referenced his drama with Josh on Bachelor in Paradise by pointing out that Josh’s proclamation that he’s a lion and Nick’s a sheep doesn’t really work.

Josh’s feud with Nick was probably not surprising to many viewers. During Andi Dorfman’s After the Final Rose ceremony, with Josh backstage waiting to come out to publicly celebrate his engagement to Andi for the first time, Nick asked Andi why she made love to him if she wasn’t in love with him. Nick’s question, which was the first time in the franchise’s history that someone publicly admitted to having had sex on the overnight fantasy suite date, shocked the audience and especially Andi. Obviously hurt, Andi told Nick that what he just said was a low blow. In an interview with RumorFix after the special, Josh said that neither he and Andi associate themselves with people like Nick.

After Andi and Josh broke up, she wrote a tell-all titled It’s Not Okay. The book contained a lot of sensational claims about Josh, including that he was manipulative and emotionally abusive, going so far as calling her a “whore” and a “b**ch.” She even called her relationship with Josh the “most volatile and f**ked up” relationship of her life.


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On Bachelor in Paradise, Josh told both Amanda and the camera that what Andi wrote about him was a total lie. According to him, his relationship with Andi ended because they have different values in life. Yet Nick, to the camera, said that Andi’s tell-all was somewhat truthful concerning Josh.

“Andi Dorfman wrote a tell-all. And myself and Josh are in the book. Me a little bit, mostly about Josh, and quite honestly some of the stuff that she wrote about Josh is pretty aggressive and a little disturbing. I know at least the things written about me aren’t fictional, there’s at least some accuracy to it. It’s hard to imagine that that’s not the case with Josh.”

Will viewers see Josh Murray beat out Nick Viall for the woman again, just like he did with Andi Dorfman? On Twitter, Josh tweeted that his date with Amanda was the best first date of his life. He called her an “amazing woman.”

Amanda Stanton, meanwhile, posted a tweet that expressed exasperation with the viewers’ heated argument about whether Nick Viall or Josh Murray is the better man.

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