Mariah Carey: ‘American Idol’ Contestants Fire Back At Diva After She Called Time On Show ‘Abusive’

Mariah Carey has gotten herself into some trouble after making controversial comments about her time as judge on American Idol.

The diva, who is in the middle of promoting her new reality series, Mariah’s World, spoke of the experience on the hit talent show as “abusive.” The Toronto Sun relays Carey’s exact words that have inspired a rebuttal.

When a reporter asked of Mariah’s time on the show, she replied honestly.

“Ugh. It was the most abusive experience. Then taking a large swig of champagne, she quipped, “And by the way, you’ve just driven me to drink.”

The 46-year-old joined the panel of judges back in 2013 for the hit show’s 12th season. Tensions remained high throughout the season, mainly between Carey and co-judge Nicki Minaj. The ladies just could not get along, and one argument resulted in Minaj storming out of the audition room.

However, despite Mariah’s words, contestants from the season share that the superstar was treated with utmost respect by producers and set crew. They also share that they are surprised by Carey’s negative comments about the treatment she received.

Then contestant Lazaro Arbos spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about Carey’s comments.

“I’m honestly shocked she said that, because of all the times we were on the set filming and even when we got to the live shows she was always treated with respect and courtesy from the producers. I think Nigel Lythgoe (producer of Idol) really admired her talent and always treated her like the queen and the legend that she is. I think that Mariah made those comments of Idol being abusive in regards to her arguments and disagreements with Nicki Minaj, but honestly there was no need for all that. I don’t get why she felt that way because as far as I’m concerned she never really had to deal with Miss Minaj! She wasn’t even required to talk to her at all, whatsoever!”

An additional comment was given by contestant Devin Velez, who also was surprised by the songstress’ comments, noting that Carey was paid $18 million while being treated like a queen. He did remind that the singer had bad blood with her co-judge, however, which played a role in her comments.

“I think Mariah definitely cared about her position as a judge… She wanted to do her job and smile for the cameras, but it’s hard to do that when her fellow judges aren’t doing their jobs. Her only job was to come in, sit down in a panel and give her comments to the singers go home and get paid 18 million dollars. If that’s abusive, then I really want to be abused by Idol!”

Following Mariah sharing about how “abusive” her time was on American Idol, the producer for the show, Nigel Lythgoe, spoke in response and made a reference to the feud between Carey and Minaj.

“I’m looking forward to Mariah’s new series and wondering if Nicki Minaj may guest.”

Mariah’s reality show is soon to air, and the diva has been busy in front of the cameras while she completed her world tour and continues on in Vegas for her residency. The reality show news came as a surprise for many, with some of Mariah’s entourage noting their disapproval of the decision for Carey to star in the series.

Mariah has certainly been like a new woman since she found love again in the form of billionaire beau James Packer, to who she became engaged to in January of this year. The two are set to wed in the near future, yet details about the nuptials have yet to be released.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]