Taylor Swift ‘Desperate’ To Marry Tom Hiddleston: Actor Not Ready To Settle Down, Couple Breaking Up?

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Taylor Swift is desperate to tie the knot with the supposed love of her life, Tom Hiddleston, hoping that the actor will eventually make the move and propose to her, it has been alleged.

While the couple has only been dating since May, Taylor has already introduced Hiddleston to her parents, who are all under the impression that Tom is the perfect fit for Swift, despite having just ended her one-year romance with Calvin Harris at the time.

And in what fans are calling true Taylor Swift style, the “Style” singer has gushed about wedding plans to all of her closest friends, as she patiently waits for the Hollywood actor to propose to her.

Celeb Dirty Laundry quotes Life & Style, stressing that Swift knows she wants to marry Tom Hiddleston, so much that she has already hinted at it in conversations with the 35-year-old. But by his recent actions, it is clear that Tom is far from ready to propose and get married to someone he has only known for three months. It’s all too fast.

The outlet first makes it known that making a proposal so soon into their relationship would be a big mistake. On top of that, if Hiddleston was to propose, “Tom knows he’ll be under a microscope at the wedding and that it will be intense pressure,” the insider added.

Tom reportedly tries to avoid the discussion of weddings and proposal any chance he gets, and according to the source, Taylor Swift has picked up on it. The “Blank Space” singer fears that she’ll end up wasting her time being with someone who is uncertain about marriage and children in the future.

“She sees it as a red flag. But she’s trying to give him the benefit of the doubt,” the source continues, making it known that Taylor is moving rather fast in her romance with Tom Hiddleston, but she knows what she wants.

Fans aren’t surprised about Taylor Swift’s alleged plans to get married to Tom Hiddleston — after all, the singer infamously made it known she was in a new relationship with the actor just two weeks after dumping her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

The famous music producer was devastated by the split, yet still insisted that he wishes Taylor nothing but the best with her new lover. The DJ is now said to be seeing R&B star Tinashe, who is reportedly working with him on several new songs for her upcoming album, expected for a release date later this year.

Last month, it was alleged that with all the scandals surrounding Taylor Swift — from Kanye West’s reference drama to the Calvin Harris split — the former country singer is ready to get back in the studio and work on her next record.

Reports allege that she’ll definitely be penning a track or two about her current feud with Kanye, whose wife, Kim Kardashian, leaked the video recording of Taylor giving the rapper her permission to release the controversial “Famous” track, something which Swift infamously denied ever giving her approval for. The two have remained on bad terms, Billboard adds, with no resolution to their feud as far as fans are aware of.

What do you make of Taylor Swift’s reportedly wanting to tie the knot with Tom Hiddleston so soon? Is she making a mistake?

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