Cancer Patient Lane Goodwin Achieves Goal, Gets 100K Likes On Facebook

Let’s get a thumbs up for Lane Goodwin.

Goodwin, a 13-year-old boy from Beech Grove, Kentucky who has been battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer, just received his 100,000th like on Facebook.

According to the Courier Press, the idea started after Claudia Wayne, the boy’s aunt, noticed that he gave a thumbs up in nearly all of his pictures. A campaign was started on Facebook, “The Thumbs-Up For Lane” Campain, and people from around the world have been hitting the like button.

Claudia said:

“Ever since he was diagnosed, he’s never complained, he’s always smiling and in all of the pictures he’s giving a ‘thumbs-up’ sign… A guy in Virginia started the ‘Thumbs-up For Lane’ campaign (on Facebook) and it has just taken off.”

Last week Goowin was told that the cancer had spread to his brain.

Claudia said:

“Lane looked at him and said, ‘You can’t fix this, can you?’ The doctor said, ‘No. I can’t.’ Lane said, ‘That’s OK.’ They got him home, and he’s in Beech Grove. He’s in hospice care … (Lane) was smiling and did a thumbs-up for me and hugged me. He has strength that you can’t imagine … He has a lot of faith and says he’s ready to go with God.”

The 13-year-old said that one of his wishes was to have 100,000 likes on Facebook. Well, Lane is already way passed that goal. As of now, the Prayers for Lane Goodwin page has 148,531 likes.

In addition to liking the page, people have been sending in photos of themselves giving Lane the thumbs up. The family is also collecting donations for Lane’s treatment as well as selling “Cancer Bites” t-shirts.

Claudia said: “He’s touched a lot of people’s hearts by making them think about how important family is and how important God is. He’s an amazing young man.”